Vintage Christmas


img501Well, I do believe I’m done with any shopping I’m gonna do. Hope our adult kids enjoy their stocking stuff. I’m thinking about baking some cookies on Wednesday to take round to some neighbors with an invite to the Christmas Eve services at our church. It will be a wonderful mix of fun and wonder focusing on Jesus. A couple of the staff members from church donned in old time Christmas garb made a video in a neighboring city seeing if people could add the next line to Christmas Carols they prompted. If they could they earned a dollar. Can’t wait to see the whole video. Do you go to Christmas Eve Services?

About Ellen am a wife, mother, baba (grandmother) and a loyal friend. Jesus is my King and my hope is in my future with Him.

10 thoughts on “Vintage Christmas

  1. That sounds like fun. Wonder if they’ll put the video on You Tube. I very much like your vintage picture on the wall. And your kids will love anything you give them I am sure. (My son loves wool socks; I got him acrylic socks because I was tricked. Acckkkk!)

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  3. Hmm. My Prince Charming has always gone out to lead worship at Christmas eve services wherever we have been, but I am quite happy to stay home with the boys and snuggle in front of festive kids’ movies on TV. Though now that said boys are 13 and 12 that excuse may not wash much longer…

  4. We will go to our daughter’s church for Christmas Eve and watch our grands sing in the children’s choir. (It is an early evening service which suits us well!)

    I am catching up with your past few posts this morning. I love your “mystery tree” as well as all of your Christmas decorations! Your home looks lovely and festive! I also love your idea of drawing names. It will be just as much fun, less stress…and so wise not to overspend when the budget does not allow for it. There is far too much emphasis on “things” at Christmastime.

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