The Plain People


Plain people are Christian groups characterized by separation from the world and by simple living, including plain dressing. This is a very simple definition of Plain People.


This is a photo full post with most of the pictures of  Plain People I captured in the Amish/Mennonite Communities in parts of Indiana and Holmes County Ohio.














This photo is a drive-by snap of a Barn Sale.







Ending with this school yard photo of the children at recess.

I’m linking up to ABC Wednesday for P is for Plain People with thanks to Mrs. Nesbitt and Roger plus the ABC team.

Since these photos are mostly from farming communities I’m also linking up to The Barn Collective with Tom the Backroads Traveller.

Fall is living up to it’s name in our yard. Dear went out and rustled up all the leaves this morning and then the winds came and there are more leaves than before on the ground. That is the price we pay for the beauty of our changing seasons. It’s worth it.


As I type I’m watching more leaves fall and it’s a lovely sight.

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18 thoughts on “The Plain People

  1. Ellen, you captured some great images of the Amish in Indiana and Ohio. The folks that I know are much more conservative than in these areas. No bike and some of the clothing colors are much “too worldly.” Over the years I have learned that even in a church district they are all a bit different in small ways. Thanks so much for sharing, I’m sure you realize why I enjoy my time with my Amish friends. It can be a slow process, but over the last 20 years I have become a friend to many Amish folks. I hope that you will stop back when you can.

    • Something we learned is that it is up to the bishop/elder of a group of Amish to determine how much or little that they use any modern conveniences. The other thing we learned is that Amish broke off from the Mennonites over the practice of shunning. The Mennonites wanted to move away from this practice. The Mennonites use more color and plant flower gardens while the Amish farms are not adorned in any way. This area we were in has a mix of Mennonites and Amish mostly from Swiss and Dutch ancestry. It was all very interesting. The Mennonite Group I’m associated with are Russian Mennonites and they are not as conservative as these groups are but there are probably some from this group that are more conservative.

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  3. Such beautiful photos, Ellen!! It is so interesting to see the Amish living their daily lives…with their children, at work, shopping, biking, children at play.

  4. Lovely photos of the plain people. It is a life I don’t know much about apart from what I see on TV. Being interested in different kinds of dress, I like the clothing they were, particularly the ladies. They always look so elegant to me though they would probably think me quite strange for thinking so. Thank you for sharing these photos Ellen, and for also leaving a nice comment.

  5. Awesome photos of the plain people. I guess they’re happy living this way, but I do prefer the modern conveniences. And more fashionable clothing!

    abcw team

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