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On our many trips to our son’s home in Northeastern Washington we have seen this horseshoe creation as we zoom by Ritzville, Washington. On one of our more recent trips we stopped for breakfast in Ritzville and got a close up of these creations. It’s a roadside treasure.

chewelah 014

At our son’s property we get to see real horses at different times of the day.


These lovely creatures are being boarded on the property across the way from our son’s home.


H is for horses and horseshoes. I’m linking up with ABC Wednesday started by Mrs. Nesbitt and carried on by a helpful team.

I’m also linking up to Tuesday’s Treasures with Tom the Backroads Traveler.

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13 thoughts on “Horses…

  1. What fabulous creations! I’d love to see them some day. My friend Jane in Wales has a horse that she’s training to race and is now boarding it at a training facility. When I was there in the summer, I actually managed to get up close to the horse and give her a few pats. But I must admit I’m very nervous about being stepped on! Jane just laughs at me!

    abcw team

  2. Ellen, I’ve seen horses created with horseshoes before, but these sculptures are works of art. They are just amazing! The horses grazing are a beautiful sight. Thanks for making Tuesday’s Treasures a part of your week, I invite you come back soon.

  3. I just love HORSES I love their smell, their flared nostrils and tossing of their beautiful
    manes…..Bring on Black Beauty or even Mr Edd. the amazing talking horse..

    Best wishes,
    ABCW team .

  4. Dorothy Wellesley in her praise of ‘Horses’ imagines these old lures and traps that work in equine memory:

    Patient, adventuring still,
    A horse’s ears bob on the distant hill,
    He starts to hear
    A pheasant chuck or whirr, having the fear
    In him of ages filled with war and raid,
    Night-gallop, ambuscade

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