Our Friend David Dickinson…

Dave’s life on this earth ended on Saturday July 30, 2016. He died peacefully at home with his wife Beth and son Jamie at his side. Our family of 8 were seated around our patio table when the text came in to inform us of Dave’s gentle transition from earth. We cried and we prayed for the Dickinson family. We have been blessed to enjoy a friendship with the Dickinson’s since our two little guys, Dan and Jamie, met in 2nd grade. We lived on the same hill in Bothell, Washington when our friendship began.

early 1990's2

This is a photo of Dear, Dave, and Beth in our kitchen on Norway Hill during Dear’s graduation party from the University of Washington in 1992. Dear had the privilege of baptizing Dave in the early 1990’s. (photos not necessarily in order)


Dave coached a few of Dan and Jamie’s sport teams over their youth sport years. Jamie on Dave’s right and Dan on the end on his knees opposite of Jamie.


Dan and Jamie attended camps together, the prom together, graduated together and Dan was a groomsman in Jamie and Sarly’s wedding.


The above photo was taken at a high school graduation party for Jamie and Dan at the Dickinson’s home.


The Dickinson family before the boys were married. Jamie is their youngest son, Aaron in the middle and Matt is the oldest.


The four of us outside our first rental on Norway Hill. We were snowed in but Dave and Beth could walk down to our place for some fun in the snow. This was in early 1997 or late 1996.

img215Jamie and Dan in 1999.


Dave and Dear working on our addition in 2002.


Laura, Josh, Jamie and Dan above the Columbia River. We had no idea at this time that Dan would be living in Eastern Washington close to the Columbia. Josh and Laura are the best of friends with Jamie and Sarly, too.


These two shots are from Jamie and Sarly’s wedding day in 2008. Above is Dave, Dear and Josh.

davebethjsDave and Beth


Beth and Dave with our Dan when we celebrated his move to Eastern Washington for his new vocation.

Our daughter Katie also has a close relationship with Beth and Dave and Jamie. We won’t get into how Dan and Jamie entrusted their rats from a science project into Katie’s care. A excellent con job if I say so myself.

2012-02-22 George Washington Inn5

Katie, Beth and I took a trip to Sequim for a George Washington Birthday Tea in February of 2012 just before Katie and Andrew’s wedding in March of 2012. It was a very windy day.

Wedding 232

Dave, Sarly, Jamie and Beth at Katie and Andrew’s wedding, March 11, 2012. (photo credit to Jeremy Leffel)

Jeremy's photos2

Kathleen, Dave and Beth (photo by Jeremy Leffel)

Jeremy's photos1

Dave decided to try on Dan’s hat at the wedding. Dan wore his formal uniform at his sister’s wedding instead of a tux. (photo by Jeremy Leffel)

2012-11-23 Thanksgiving1Dave with his granddaughter at the Thanksgiving table at our home in 2012.

Early in 2013 Beth and Dave stopped by to tell us that Dave had been diagnosed with Lung Cancer.


The Dickinson family photo above was taken on July 4th 2013 two years before little David Daniel was born and a few months into Dave’s treatments for cancer.

davebethhatBeth and Dave in November of 2014 after returning from a trip to Europe with good friends. It was good to hear Dave felt well enough to enjoy this trip.

Pictures57(Photo credit to Jeremy Leffel)

We were overjoyed that Dave and Beth could travel across the state for Dan and Jamie’s wedding in June of 2015.   Things can get confusing with Dan and Jamie being best friends and then Dan meeting his bride who is named Jamie, too. Dave was also able to join our sons for a round of golf the day before the wedding. The next 3 photos are from that day, June 26th. Dave had a passion for the game of golf. I love these photos that Josh took of Dave and Dan together enjoying this special time before the wedding.

dave and daniel2

dave and daniel1

dave and daniel

Pictures58(Photo credit to Jeremy Leffel)

Dan and Dave at the wedding. Jamie Dickinson was going to be a groomsman in the wedding but wasn’t able to attend because his wife Sarly’s pregnancy was in crisis. Jamie and Sarly’s little son who we call the warrior was born at 25 weeks and only 1#7oz. He was born a few days after the wedding.


Our friend David and our son Daniel each holding David Daniel who was named after them. We found out at Daniel and Jamie’s wedding that this little warrior’s middle name would be given in honor of our son. It was decided early after finding out this child would be a boy to name him after his grandfather David.


There have been lots of prayers for these two Davids.


The Dickinson family Christmas of 2015.

dave with grands

This is the last photo emailed to us of Dave with four of his grandchildren. This was taken at a Mother’s Day Celebration in May of 2016. We were able to visit Dave and Beth before this photo was taken on May 5th and we joined hands and prayed together before we left not knowing when God would call Dave home.


Yesterday a little over a week since Dave’s death we were able to meet up with Beth for lunch. It was good to hear from Beth about Dave’s last days and last moments on this earth. It was also good to hear some plans for the future. We hugged, shed tears, laughed and thanked the Lord for his love and mercy, for friendship and especially for our hope in Him and our future.

There are plans being made for a memorial service that will be on a golf course sometime in the near future. Besides his immediate family, Dave’s brother and golfing buddies were a huge support to Dave over the course of his illness.

The Bayles family thanks God for Dave and his life and his friendship over the years. We will miss him on this earth but rejoice that he is with our Savior. We also ask the Lord to look after and guide and protect our dear friend Beth as she navigates her life without Dave.

1 Thessalonians 4:13, 14

Believers Who Have Died

13 Brothers and sisters, we do not want you to be uninformed about those who sleep in death, so that you do not grieve like the rest of mankind, who have no hope. 14 For we believe that Jesus died and rose again, and so we believe that God will bring with Jesus those who have fallen asleep in him.

About Ellenhttp://I am a wife, mother, baba (grandmother) and a loyal friend. Jesus is my King and my hope is in my future with Him.

23 thoughts on “Our Friend David Dickinson…

  1. So sorry to hear of your good friend’s passing. What a rich friendship your families have shared over the years. Friendships like those are a rare treasure.

  2. You’ve shared so many wonderful memories over the years – this post is full of love and friendship, and the sorrow that comes when one goes on ahead. But there is hope, too, knowing that one day you will be together again.

  3. Such a lovely tribute to your friend…and how blessed all of you are to have had this long-lasting and loving friendship. As you know, he is walking and talking with Jesus, waiting for the time you all can be together again….

  4. Oh that sweet, sweet hope we have! I thank God for the friendship you had with your friend Dave and pray that He will comfort you and the family during this time.
    God bless, Aimee

  5. Ellen, this is a precious post. It is easy to see from your writing how much this family has meant to your family over these many years. What a treasure such friendship is…a true gift!

    I am moved by your words. I am sad for those who are left behind both family and friends, but how can one be sad for the one who has reached his eternal destination?! “Precious in the sight of the Lord is the death of His saints.” (Proverbs 115:16)

  6. What a gift of friendship your two families have been given. I am so sorry for you loss, and pray that eternal light will shine upon your friend.

  7. Oh how this precious friend will be missed! So many family connections and memories through the years. Saying a prayer of comfort for all.

  8. great post! great friends to you and even your extended family (like me :-). Kindness and warmth and caring are just a few words that come to mind when I remember Dave Dickenson which speak volumes to the man’s character which in itself leave a legacy. Thankful I knew him – and send our love to Beth!

  9. What a beautiful and heartfelt tribute to your dear long-time family friend. He will be missed!!! Praying for both your families during this sad time. All the memories are so very precious.

  10. Hi, My name is Felice (Fleisher-Cruver) and I knew David, Beth and their family back in the days when David worked for DJ’s Sound City…… and then later with me for about a year before he went to work for Universal. David was one of my very favourite people in the world….warm, funny, kind and just a total joy to be around, whenever I was lucky enough to spend time with him. We hadn’t been in touch for many years, but I have always had an especially soft spot for him and was so sad to hear of his passing. If Beth is copied on this, please know that my heartfelt sympathy is with you and your beautiful family and that I will always have only the warmest of memories of both of you. I am very thankful to have been able to know both of you and it was wonderful to see the beautiful pictures filled with friends, family and David’s smile.

  11. Ellen, this is such a heartfelt and touching tribute to your friend Dave. I think my favourite of the pictures you posted is the one of Dave and His grandaughter. It portrays uch a tenderness between the two that you can feel it. Please pass on my condolences to Beth and her family and let her know that Dave’s life touched more people than she will ever imagine.

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