End of May Five!


This is the last Friday in May and the beginning of the Memorial Day Weekend in the U.S.A. Monday is the day set aside as Memorial Day. We honor those men and women who have made the greatest sacrifice for our country. I will have more to say about that on Monday. Here are my Five on Friday for Amy’s meme and Friday’s Fave Five for Susanne’s meme.

1. Our old walkway out the front door of this old house was deteriorating so Dear broke it out with a sledgehammer and replaced it with pavers, making the path wider. We still have an edging to do and when all the phases of this project are done I’ll share the full before and after. I thank God for my hard working husband who has do it yourself talent.

2. A new pair of lamps in the living room of our house has helped to bring things up to date in that room. I bought the lamps at Homegoods for a very good price. We are enjoying the fresh look. I thank God for the little things in life.

3. A new wreath in a perfect spot that our son and daughter in love bought me for Mother’s Day. We share enjoyment of Chip and Joanna’s show Fixer Upper and this wreath came all the way from their store called Magnolia. Fun. I thank God for the thoughtfulness of our children.

4. My dear old pop turned 93 on May 25th. The photo is of him blowing out the candle on his Cherry Pie. Cherry Pie is his favorite. I thank God for my dear Pop who loves Jesus and who prays for us every night.

5. A new Traeger Grill for my Dear as an early Father’s Day gift. He’s been eyeing these for a while and when I was in Costco this week they had a display of them so we took the plunge and bought one. I thank God for my Dear who is a good father to his children and enjoys cooking.

Next Friday I will be traveling to Southern California to spend some time with my extended family. I’ll get to see my dear old pop in person. Hopefully I’ll be able to take him out for his favorite breakfast at Denny’s. He likes sunny side up eggs, hash browns, sausage, white toast and coffee. He’s a cheap date! Hope you all have a good weekend and for those of you who live in the U.S.A. hope you have a meaningful Memorial Day with some thoughts about all we’ve been given because of those who sacrificed for us.


About Ellenhttps://happywonderer.com/I am a wife, mother, baba (grandmother) and a loyal friend. Jesus is my King and my hope is in my future with Him.

21 thoughts on “End of May Five!

  1. oh wow..your dad!!! enjoymevery moment with him. Im heading west to central NY to visit mine….he is 84 but not doing well mentally. dementia. is tough. 😢

    love hubbies who are DIYers.

    happy long weekend!

  2. I love that you got a wreath from the Magnolia Store and I really love how you describe your Pop who prays for you every day.

  3. Happy Birthday to your Dad! Glad you’ll get to be with him for a bit.

    All the home improvements look so nice! I am blessed with a hard-working DIY hubby, too.

  4. What a blessing to have your dad pray every night for you all! Wishing him a very happy 93rd b’day!
    Your new lamps are very stylish and well done to your hubby for doing a great job on the new walkway!
    Have a wonderful weekend, Ellen!

  5. Enjoy your trip, how wonderful to be able to spend time with your Pop. The new walkway really looks good.

  6. Five great things to be thankful for. I’m also thankful for a Dad (and Mom) who pray for us, and for a husband who is a wonderful handyman and fixer-upper! Enjoy your visit with your Pop.

  7. A lovely five to end May on Ellen (can you believe we are 5 months into this year?)!
    The pathway is looking very smart – there seems ti be a never ending list of chores with a house.
    How lovely that you will be visiting your dear Dad – belated birthday wishes for him – he still looks spritely – cherry pie sounds good to me too!
    Happy weekend in your neck of the woods.
    Shane x

  8. Happy Birthday to your dear Father! It’s so nice that you will be able to spend time with him and your extended family. Your sweet husband did a wonderful job on the walkway! DIY hubby’s are the best! Love your new lamps and the pretty wreath. Lovely blessings, indeed. x Karen

  9. There’s much to be thankful for as one reflects on God’s goodness in what he’s given us in family life. To be able to have a nice home because of your husband’s hard work, your eye for finding lovely things to make it comfortable and attractive at a good price is also something to be grateful for. In fact all five reasons to be grateful are good ones. I know you’ll have a special time with your Dad. Enjoy your visit.

  10. A really GOOD ‘Five!’ I just discovered Fixer Upper this past year! What an amazing cool they are! My step sons ranch is not far from Waco so I get to shop at Magnolia Market when I go down there!

  11. Happy birthday to your pop! 93! Wow. And I’m with him, cherry pie instead of cake all the way! Lovely walkway and lovely lamps. Fun to update isn’t it? Nice mother’s day gift! I love wreaths!

  12. Love the new walkway and the lamps. Little touches do so much for our homes!

    I love going out for breakfast … and Denny’s does have good coffee. Hope you and your “date” have a wonderful time.

  13. Talk about (un)perfect timing! I’ll be up your way next weekend.
    Happy Birthday to your pop! Enjoy those breakfasts at Denny’s. Do you qualify for their senior menu? 🙂
    Have a great remembrance holiday today!

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