The Peeps and Daffodils…

This Easter we were blessed to have a table of ten. Five couples including Dear and me. It was good to celebrate the Resurrection of Jesus Christ together at an Easter service and around our celebration table. On Saturday before Easter Sunday we had a baking and creating day that you can see here. And if you are interested in seeing the table we sat at you can see it here.

easter 2016 067

Jamie and Dan traveled over 5 hours to be with us for the weekend. They were married last summer. Dan is our second son.

easter 2016 066

Dan with his dad.

easter 2016 061

Steve and Lana with a stand up daffodil photo and a silly one, too. Lana is my youngest sister and the only sibling of mine that lives in Washington State.

easter 2016 060 easter 2016 058

Laura and Josh are the longest married of our children. Josh is our firstborn.

easter 2016 057

Dear and me.

bellingham 004

Katie and Andrew were under the weather on Easter day and we didn’t find a time to get them to stand behind the daffodils so I pulled up this great photo of them as they were on their way out to celebrate their 5th wedding anniversary a couple weeks ago. Katie is our youngest.

And here’s my new Peter Rabbit (Beatrix Potter) bunting that Katie put together for me including making what the kit called radishes that look like carrots and flowers. Josh and Laura gifted me the bunting kit on my birthday.

easter 2016 013

2016-03-29 Spring blossoms1

I’m linking up with Amy for Five on Friday and with Susanne for Friday’s Fave Five even though I added #6!

I’m happy to report that I’m feeling well again with enough energy that I conquered the lawn today with the lawnmower. No fooling! But because I was spent after doing that the king of this old house had to take his gardener out to dinner! It got up to the 70’s today and it is going to be up to 70 degrees on Friday, too, woohoo!

Hope no one tries to fool you on April Fools Day.

About Ellen am a wife, mother, baba (grandmother) and a loyal friend. Jesus is my King and my hope is in my future with Him.

27 thoughts on “The Peeps and Daffodils…

  1. What a lovely family post.. Isn’t wonderful when you have a lovely family get together. Love the bunting…Peter Rabbit is one of my favourites 🙂

  2. Such cheery photos!!! Loved looking at all your beautiful decor behind the scenes. You really know how to celebrate. Sorry to hear you were under the weather – I’ve been fighting a horrid flu and cold over here as well – just can’t seem to shake it. Take care.

    • It is shocking. They were married for a year (civil ceremony) before we had their formal wedding celebration on their first anniversary.

  3. You have a lovely family! I enjoyed seeing all the festive photos. And , the Peter Rabbit bunting is so cute! Sending you my best wishes for a great weekend, Pat xx

  4. What lovely photos of your family and guests! So glad you had a great Easter, it looks like a lot of fun. Love your new Beatrix Potter bunting, I love bunting and Beatrix Potter, so this is a great combination as far as I am concerned too! Hope you aren’t too worn out after the grass cutting! Thank you for taking part in Five On Friday, I hope you have a great weekend! xx

  5. I so enjoy seeing your family smiling faces! It’s such a beautiful day to begin April and that is no joke!

  6. I can’t begin to tell you how sweet this post was! Celebrating Easter all together (what a cute name for the post!) I loved seeing the pictures of your dear family!

  7. Great photos of the family!
    Love that bunting. Beatrix Potter has always be a favorite.
    And Happy (belated) Easter to you–I’m glad you’re feeling better now. Today is my first day of feeling like I might actually be normal. This stuff really hangs on, doesn’t it?

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