What’s New in 2016…

We finally were able to admit to ourselves that we weren’t thrilled with Keurig coffee. We have returned to using a Bunn Coffee Maker now and are enjoying a full bodied cup in the morning. Keurig is convenient but no matter what pods we bought we didn’t get the depth of flavor that we enjoy from our freshly ground coffee.

Dear was unemployed from May 29th of last year and has just signed a contract with a Biotech company that has a product in trials. He is working from home for 6 months for this company as an independent contractor. Being an independent contractor means that Dear does not have any benefits at this time. Here he is in his new at home office.

2016-01-11 homemaker monday

I was fine with giving up my desk since I didn’t make money from this desk but just spent money paying our monthly bills! Dear is doing a lot of reading and studying about the cancers that his new company is working on fighting. It takes a long time and a lot of research for a new drug/procedure to be developed and brought into the market, not to mention a lot of money. Dear will be attending an Oncology Conference in San Francisco next week and I’m tagging along. I’m hoping the weather will be decent enough for me to walk about the city staying mostly dry.

Any recommendations for restaurants or sights you wouldn’t want me to miss?

Having Dear working at home I have to re-think how my days go and how I’m going to work around him.

One thing we are trying to establish as a good habit is walking each day. Having someone to walk with and nagging encouraging him to do it is a win win situation.

Since I turn 65 soon I have been inundated with all the choices of Medicare supplement plans. Instead of Christmas catalogs I’m getting Medicare mail! I have to choose a Medicare plan soon and we have to come up with a health insurance plan for Dear since he’s younger than me and we lost our insurance when his company was bought out last year and his department was eliminated.

Something that’s not new and seems to be a recurring situation is the fact that I am back in the fluffy state and am getting motivated to de-fluff again.

What’s new in 2016 for you?

I’m headed for the kitchen now to put a cake in the oven for our birthday celebration tonight. Got the table set in a Russian theme and I’ll share that with you next week…


About Ellenhttps://happywonderer.com/I am a wife, mother, baba (grandmother) and a loyal friend. Jesus is my King and my hope is in my future with Him.

10 thoughts on “What’s New in 2016…

  1. Yes, your days will look a bit different. Bill offices at home, too.
    All the insurance stuff is a lot of work to research!
    So far January has been just right for us, other than the cold temps.
    People-wise it’s been great!

  2. Well, Ellen, I certainly don’t envy you the paperwork you’ll need to wade through for healthcare for yourself and your independent contractor. May God give you both wisdom as you process all of that.

    My office has one of those Flavia systems (like Keurig, but uses flat envelope-shaped packets). Though no coffee connoisseur, I realized making coffee in the “over ice” mode gave me a more concentrated, richer blend. Or I use the espresso blend and add water to taste.

  3. Yes, life around the house is different when hubby is there all the time!

    You crack me up with the de-fluffing … my fluff has been here so long, it’s kind of hardened …

  4. So many things to consider! Have fun in SF! Your Dear looks perfectly content in his new office. Hope that he finds working at home to be a blessing.,

  5. I’m so impressed with your Dear and what he’s working on! His home office looks like a comfortable workspace! You will be so glad that you are doing lots of walking once you get to SF!!! I was SO unprepared for walking those steep hills – eek! We enjoyed Fisherman’s Wharf where they serve chowder in the famous sour dough bread bowls, a dinner cruise to Alcatraz, breakfast at a downtown diner, etc. Most of our meals were served at the conference in the Fairmont hotel so we didn’t get to eat out too much! A highlight for me was an architectural tour of the city, a fun segway tour (you really should try this), and the trolley car ride of course! You will love the city! I know what you mean about defluffing – ugh!

  6. How can you tell when someone is working from home without danger of the ‘boss’ unexpectedly walking in? Check out those relaxed poses of “Dear” in the photos ! smile…
    Wishing you everything good in all the decisions to be made and the changes in your day to day ‘normal’.

  7. Lots of new things for you in the new year!! I love that you are moving purposefully on so many fronts…from the coffee pot to the new job from home to your health efforts. You are taking the bull by the horns, so to speak, and that’s a good thing. As He leads…

  8. How exciting…a new job…a little trip….a birthday cake…and I just HATE my Keurig….I am so disappointed in the pods. I’ve tried every one I see and I just don’t like any of them. I just put it up and got my regular coffee maker out. Have you tried the little plastic pod that you put your ground coffee in ? I wanted to try it but couldn’t find a pod…they may have quit making them.
    Anyway, I am loving the good old-fashioned cup of coffee again.

    • Yes, bj, we tried the grind your own and put it in the plastic pod attachment but it was a bother and still didn’t taste as good!

  9. Lots of changes happening. Glad your husband has work again. I’m sure you’ll enjoy your trip to SF – I’ve never been there so I can’t give any recommendations, but my husband did buy me a cook book from the Williams Sonoma store when he went there on business!

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