Good Fences


A fence out of season that I missed showing earlier. This is a shot from the beginning of October. It’s a fence put up to block the view of a large construction project at a popular shopping area (University Village) close to the University of Washington in Seattle. It’s a nice reminder of a different season. The next photo shows our privacy fence when we had a light snowfall.

Snow 2016 004

The contrast of seasons. Are you still enjoying Winter?

Thank you to TexWisGirl who is a great hostess for a weekly meme! Click over to Good Fences #95!

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17 thoughts on “Good Fences

  1. Ellen the first fence is surrounded by so many pretty flowers, it’s lovely, but your winter fence wins for me, I would loooove to be enjoying winter right now, instead it’s going to be 35C here today 🙂

  2. Hi Ellen! I like the snow falling, looking so pretty against your privacy fence. I like the soups of winter but I don’t like the icebergs that get in the way when we walk.

  3. Great fence shots ~ both very beautiful ~ By February I will be tired of Winter ~ yet ‘it is what it is’ ~ so trying to make the best of each day ~

    Wishing you a Happy Weekend ~ ^_^

  4. Both are very nice fences. I like the whimsical stuff on the first fence and all the pretty flowers. We haven’t had too much of the “white stuff” here (which makes me happy) but it does look pretty coming down.

  5. Your snowy fence is beautiful Ellen! The other “construction” fence is great – shows off the beautiful flowers. Winter has arrived with a vengeance over here. It’s quite pretty right now but I don’t enjoy the driving conditions. Florida is on our minds!

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