A Busy Start…

…to September.

Spiders really have been busy. We are always amazed at what they accomplish overnight when we walk from the house to the garage brushing the new webs off our faces!

It seemed like the leaves changed their colors overnight, too. This is our Dogwood.

This is our Chinese Flame Tree.

These are the 3rd and 4th Jalapenos we’ve gotten off our little bush. It’s a new plant for us this summer.

Our lavender bushes still have a few blooms. I love working around them and enjoying their great scent.

Early September brings Dear’s birthday, too, which is a good reason to set a table for a celebration.

Decided on some nice bold colors for our dinner table. We had a great time at the table getting caught up with each other.

Dear and our SIL Andrew are very busy working on Josh and Laura’s remodel. Living without a kitchen is always an interesting challenge. Katie is busy interviewing for a job. I’m the support vehicle during these busy times for everyone else. Running errands, making dinner, and running that ever full dishwasher. I’m thinking about getting busy adding more daily exercise to my routine. Hopefully this week the thinking part will become reality in action!

Today Katie and I are going shopping to refresh her work wardrobe.

Have you been busy with changes in September?

About Ellenhttps://happywonderer.com/I am a wife, mother, baba (grandmother) and a loyal friend. Jesus is my King and my hope is in my future with Him.

9 thoughts on “A Busy Start…

  1. You are busy indeed! The seasons are definitely changing over here too! I’m with you about the doing and not just thinking about doing some routine exercise!! Why is it so hard to get going? Have fun shopping….

  2. I always love seeing your table settings! Tell me, in what and how do you store them so that you will actually use them often enough!? I find I don’t use my nice dishes nearly enough. Thanks.

    • Mary, I have my tablecloths hanging in a spare closet and some on shelves in a hall closet. My napkins are in one of those vertical shoe hangers and in baskets according to color scheme. I have shelving from Ikea in the basement that I have all my extra sets of plates on so they are easy to get to and put away. I have seasons where I change out dishes more often than other seasons. Lately I’ve been mostly using my everyday white and just adding color with the tablecloths, napkins and glasses.

  3. I can see the subtle changes of summer to autumn (my favorite time of year!). We have changed from summer vacation to homeschooling. Kati’s hours at work have increased. Ron is preparing for minor surgery at the end of the month, so he is working like a Trojan to get projects done! Yes, changes here too!

    I need to implement your plan for physical fitness! That would be a big change!

  4. There’s lots going on in your yard and in your calendar. September is a busy month for us – school starting for me and somehow, work ramps up for Tim this month, too. But it’s all good. Such a pretty table for your September birthday party!

  5. What a beautiful “Charlotte’s Web” picture. I have to show that to Miss Baby because it’s currently her favorite book. We actually have a “Charlotte” that lives outside of our kitchen window, and Miss Baby is always watching for Charlotte’s movements. šŸ™‚

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