Dear and Me B.C.

For my flashback post today I’m posting photos of Dear and me after we were married but before we had children.

img570Here we are just after our wedding all ready to take off for our honeymoon. I’ve already shared our honeymoon photos but hadn’t scanned this one yet.

In 1976 we took a trip across the country. We stopped in to see Dear’s Great Aunt Matilda in Oberlin, Kansas on our way to Michigan. She never forgot anyone’s birthday and she and I shared the same birthday.

img576This is Dear’s grandmother Nettie from Illinois visiting us at our first apartment in 1974.

Pregnant Josh newbornDear, Grandma Nettie, and Dear’s father.

Christmas at Dear’s parents’ home.

img573Our first apartment and our first couch that we bought with our own money. We had lots of hand me downs when we were first married that furnished our apartment. We also bought a few items from second hand stores.

Today we have a nice cloud cover with some rain promised for today and the weekend. Everyone is excited about the prospect of the rain and hoping it also helps put out the fires that are still raging here…

Hope you all have a great last weekend of August!

About Ellenhttp://I am a wife, mother, baba (grandmother) and a loyal friend. Jesus is my King and my hope is in my future with Him.

11 thoughts on “Dear and Me B.C.

  1. Such wonderful photos!! Isn’t it fun to look back? By the way, I love the fabric on your first sofa. Our first sofa was atrocious!

    Praying that the rain falls in Washington…

  2. I love these photos! The shirt your Dear is wearing in the first photo looks very similar to one my own beloved had way back when.
    Yes, we’ve had a little rain so far, and I hope there is more to come. Those wildfires are horrific.

  3. Loving the friday flashback … Or Thursday throwback, whichever it was. We would never have survived without hand me down furniture. Or without the love of our families. That’s truly the joy of those old photos. I really want to get up the energy to do some scanning!

  4. Boy oh boy, the fashion, furniture are a flashback to my husband & me in our early years !

    What a beautiful couple you were and are , with very beautiful / handsome grown children. You’re blessed abundantly !

  5. Oh, what fun to see! It is so distinctly the 70’s, your bell bottoms and his ‘going away’ outfit after the wedding. (We were married in 1977 and had all the same clothes!) It’s strange when you have gotten to know someone as mature adults, parents, grandparents, and then you see these pictures and realize what kids we all were! It’s a reverse time warp!
    It seems to me that you took better care of the older folks in your family than many young people do. Good for you! Your hospitality was already shining through.

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