Fields and Sprigs of Lavender…

“here’s your sweet lavender
sixteen sprigs a penny
that you’ll find my ladies
will smell as sweet as any”

Lavender Sellers’s Cry, London England CA 1900

 “lavender, sweet lavender;
come and buy my lavender,
hide it in your trousseau, lady fair.
Let its flovely fragrance flow
Over your from head to toe,
lightening on your eyes, your cheek, your hair.”

Cumberkand Clark Flower Song Book 1929

While we were on the Olympic Peninsula we visited two lavender farms on our way back home. The first one we visited was Jardin du Soleill which is always one of our favorites.

The second farm we stopped at was Purple Haze, another favorite.

We were in Sequim the day before the annual lavender festival began. I always enjoy beating the crowds for these kind of events. The Sequim Lavender Festival is held every full third weekend in July.

Today is the last day of July…my goodness the month has melted away in this heat we are having. Watering and trying to stay cool here in the great Northwest. It’s also fun to hear the Blue Angels practicing for our SeaFair weekend.

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6 thoughts on “Fields and Sprigs of Lavender…

  1. Have never seen a lavender field in person. They certainly are beautiful. I wonder if the aroma is fresh and clean or overwhelming…a little lavender goes a long way with me, but I do use it daily for sleep purposes.

    A wonderful August to you, Ellen!

  2. I was visiting Provence, France, a few years back and all I wanted to see was a lavender field. Alas, I was one month too late … I should have arrived in July and not August. So glad to see your beautiful pictures and to know that there are lavender fields in Olympic Peninsula, much closer than Provence. Now that’s on my ‘to go’ list.

  3. Oh my goodness Ellen, these pictures are just breathtaking!! I looked online recently and found that we do actually have some lavender farms here in N.C., but I imagine they’re nowhere near as big as the ones you’ve visited. I would like to get round to visiting ours sometime, though. Did you purchase lots of lavender bunches to put in your house? There’s nothing prettier, in my opinion. 🙂

    Yes, it’s been terribly hot here too. All the lawns and shrubs are dry, dry, but thanks to the high humidity, we’re not. Yuck. I hope you have a great week, Ellen, and thanks so much for your visits!!

    Hugs to you,


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