InSPIREd Sunday ~ Windsor

The last two days of our trip to England this past July were spent in Windsor. After touring Windsor Castle we walked down High street and spotted The Parish church of St. John the Baptist.

The Thames 106

The Thames 104 - Copy - CopyFrom the Lectern, look down the centre aisle and observe in the West Gallery a painting of The Last Supper. This is a national treasure. The picture was originally presented to the Royal Chapel c. 1660 by Brian Duppa, Bishop of Winchester, Prelate of the Order of the Garter. It was “bought by him beyond the sea”. Another tradition ascribes it to Franz de Cleyn (1588-1658), Rostock, Mecklenburg, Court painter to James I. It was rolled up and buried “in the plumery” (plumbers workshop?) in the Great Rebellion. It hung over the altar at St George’s, Windsor in 1702, and can be seen there in Sandby’s drawing dated 1786.

The Thames 094

The Thames 098 - Copy

The Thames 097

The Thames 095

The Thames 100 - Copy - Copy In my reading about this church after the fact I found that this and the next mosaics were by Antonio Salviati (1816-1890), who adorned The Altar of Westminster Abbey. Adoring Angels flank the Lamb with flag, and a pelican feeding its young, symbols of Humility and Sacrifice. Here are the adoring Angels.

2014-07-16 The Thames1This church like many churches in England is steeped in history. You can read more about it here.

On our tour of Windsor Castle we walked through St. George’s chapel which was amazing but they did not allow photographs inside so I will leave you with the outside shot of the Chapel.

To Windsor 052We really enjoyed our time in Windsor and I’ll be sharing more from Windsor Castle and  The River Thames in the future.

I’m linking to InSPIREd Sunday hosted by Beth and Sally.

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8 thoughts on “InSPIREd Sunday ~ Windsor

  1. Amazing! Oh I’d love to look up and see some of what you captured in person. Thanks for the tour of these historical buildings….oh if walls could speak.

  2. They don’t alow photography in St Georges because thet means they cannot sell any to you plus it belongs to the royal household. The church of St Johns looks well worth a visit when I get up to Winsor, it’s one of those places whish is not so far from me but I have not had the time to go there.

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