Gathering the Moments ~ September

It’s time to take a look back at September…

September was a wonderful month of gatherings, homecomings, reunions, birthdays, and completed projects.

P1050610Early in September we met up with a dear long time family friend Timi and her daughter for coffee while she was visiting in Seattle.

10291122_10152701970813919_9195842261775056651_nWe so enjoyed hearing the news that our new little nephew from the Ukraine was home in the U.S.A. with his forever family.

P1050614We celebrated Dear’s birthday with our kids on the Western side of the Cascades.

2014-09-14 Open house1I flew to Southern California to spend time with my pop and extended family on the anniversary of my mom’s death.

Persiaearly UI got to see Timi again with her sister Milla when they came to an open house at my sisters home.  The bottom of this collage is of my mom and Timi and Milla’s mom together in Persia.

2014-09-14 Open house3We celebrated this little ones birthday at the open house, too. Fun cupcake times!

2014-09-15 Molokan Cemetery1While in California I picked up my pop and sister to head to the small Russian cemetery where my grandparents and other relatives are buried. I wanted to see my grandparents headstone.

food SeptBefore I flew home two of my sisters and my niece met up for a dinner together with me. Delicious.

2014-09-28 bathroom4The long anticipated main floor bathroom renovation was finally completed. Sigh…

P1050662Other projects are well on their way at this old house. The siding and upper window are new as of September. Rows of cedar will finish off the top.

P1050665I read two Inspector Gamache books by Louise Penny, How the Light gets In and The Long Way Home. I splurged and bought this one instead of waiting for it to be available from the library. I now have read all the books in this series. I feel like some of the characters are my friends…

Some other things that happened this September were soccer games, small group start up, and a new eating and exercise program. I’ll share more about the last two when I see some good results!

I’m thanking the Lord for another full and fruitful month. Thank you Cheryl for hosting Gathering the Moments.

Linking with Cheryl at Thinking About Home for Gathering the Moments.

About Ellen am a wife, mother, baba (grandmother) and a loyal friend. Jesus is my King and my hope is in my future with Him.

13 thoughts on “Gathering the Moments ~ September

  1. You’ve had a full and family-orientated month. Lots of good food, too. So glad the bathroom reno is finally completed.
    The Inspector Gamache books are so good. I’m planning to reread them all now. Wouldn’t you just love to go visit Three Pines?

  2. A special time to be with your Dad. You are a wonderfully caring family. I smiled at the end when I saw the Louise Penny book. I have read every one of her books too and and am totally divested in the characters, like they are old friends. In, fact I read The Long Way Home finishing it at 2.00 in the morning just last night or I should say, this morning.

  3. What a full and joyous month you have had, Ellen! Isn’t it amazing when you think of all that happens in a month’s time? I loved reading of your family gatherings, near and far. How precious that your family gathered around your pop to mark the anniversary of your mom’s passing. It’s so important to tend to the moments…they are so fleeting…

    Thanks for joining me again this month as we “gather” to reflect and be grateful.

  4. I really enjoyed your gatherings. I shared my own September Gatherings over at Memories and Moments…had I known their was a party:) That new little boy is sweetness…he looks content and really happy to be in his daddy’s arms. You had some great times with family and friends and things sure look good around the house.

  5. I so enjoyed this September wrap up post! I can’t believe that it’s been a whole year since your mom passed away. So nice that you got together with your pop and family to commemorate this! I must check out the Louise Penny books!

  6. Your life is filled with beautiful family. I always imagine your home with family around your island. I’m deep into the Gamache series myself. I’m now with the monks, nearing the end of that mystery.

  7. Seeing your dad makes me smile! And any month where a big project was completed is a good month. Have a beautiful October!

  8. I love how you pulled that all together. Amazing how you made so many wonderful memories with your family. That’s what I think counts the most. I know you will continue thanking God for these special people in your life.

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