Magdalen College ~ Cloisters

The 15th Century Cloisters construction commenced in 1474 which makes this medieval square of stone among the oldest parts of Magdalen.

Oxford Day 6 156Balancing on the buttresses that jut from the Cloister walls are the figures later known as ‘hieroglyphics’, the ‘GARGELS”, Magdalen’s very own gargoyles. Some are biblical, some heraldic, all symbolic. Since they entered the College in 1508-9 they have been keeping their emblematic eyes on the comings and goings in the Cloisters and the quad.

Oxford Day 6 149

Oxford Day 6 147

Oxford Day 6 146

Oxford Day 6 145

Oxford Day 6 148

Oxford Day 6 152

Oxford Day 6 153

Oxford Day 6 154

Oxford Day 6 155Wanted to let you all see that we did “keep off the grass”.

From the Cloisters we headed out to Addison’s walk and the New Building following the footsteps of Tolkien and Lewis along one of the paths that leads to  the famous meetings of the “Inklings”.

Oxford Day 6 164

Oxford Day 6 160

Oxford Day 6 161

Oxford Day 6 163

Oxford Day 6 165

Oxford Day 6 167

Oxford Day 6 170As you can tell from my posts from Oxford there is a lot to see in this city. I still haven’t shown you photos from Bodleian and Radcliffe Camera or the University Church of St. Mary the Virgin. These places have been seen in many Masterpiece Mystery series and scenes from Harry Potter movies, too. My last post of Oxford will be photo heavy.

Back at this old house the renovations continue. We were hoping for things to be wrapped up today but that’s not happening. Maybe by Tuesday…

We have Fleet week and SeaFair and Hydro races and the Blue Angels in Seattle this weekend. What does the first weekend in August hold for you?

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8 thoughts on “Magdalen College ~ Cloisters

  1. Oh I am enjoying these glimpses of Magdalen, Ellen – it’s not likely I’ll ever visit there and I love seeing the actual places described by Dorothy Sayers in the Lord Peter Whimsey series. She did a great job of describing them and you’ve just added colour to my imaginings. Thanks for sharing these wonderful photos.

    • Thanks for the reminder about Dorothy Sayers. We have her Lord Peter Whimsey on DVD and I think it will be fun to re-watch them while Oxford is fresh on our minds…

  2. (Crazy Blogger dashboard showed me two posts at once, and I see that you posted the other one yesterday. Go figure.)

    How fascinating to see the places where the Inklings walked and met. One can imagine the great conversations and interchange of creative genius…

  3. Oh those hydrangea are gorgeous! You guys are a happy pair:) You will really enjoy your home once it’s all done.

  4. How often I’ve walked those cloisters and along the canal and river, vicariously, in shows such as Inspector Morse, Lewis and Endeavour. What a treat it must have been for you to walk there for real!

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