There’s a restaurant in the Seattle area that is a kind of icon that reminds you of bygone days when people would dress up to go out to eat and service was top notch. We had never been to Canlis before. We might have been a little intimidated but no more…

Josh and Laura invited us to join them in the Canlis Lounge to break the intimidation and celebrate a late Mother’s Day/Father’s Day meal together.

P1050409One of the views from the restaurant. Remember the fact that I was a little intimidated to start so my photo taking suffered because of that. I did not get one photo of Laura and I on the other side of the table.

P1050406Father and Son with Father starting or re-visiting a style statement from years gone by.

P1050407The Bolo or String Tie. Do you remember these? Dear has 3 of them that were his fathers.

P1050398A shot of Josh with the piano player behind him. The soft live piano music was a very nice addition. I just noticed that nice shiny table top that picked up a reflection of Josh.

P1050399We ordered small bites along with the Canlis Salad. The Canlis Salad has been on the menu since opening night of the restaurant in 1950. The recipe was taught to Peter Canlis by his Lebanese mother. Oops, forgot to take a photo of the salad.


P1050403I did get a photo of myself in the ladies room so you can see I was wearing pearls and I did wear a dress instead of my usual jeans. Fabulous expression on my face. Looks like I was holding my breath hoping no one walked through the door and caught me!

P1050404We had to order this dish to top off the night.  Canlis Souffle ~ Grand Marnier, Orange zest and creme anglaise. Please allow 30 minutes for this dessert. We were happy to allow the time and enjoyed it very much.

There is a story that we keep retelling about this night at Canlis. Josh drove us up to the door and the valet team let us out of the car and drove the car away with no tickets, no names exchanged. They just said, “Have a nice evening”. We stepped into the restaurant and walked to the host/hostess area and said “We don’t have reservations but we would like to eat in the lounge”. No names exchanged. We were guided to the lounge where we chose our seats and enjoyed our time together. Josh paid the bill at the end of our time and we walked up the stairs and out the front door of the restaurant and Josh’s car magically appeared at the door as soon as we exited the restaurant. We did not have a seconds wait for our car. I looked at the Valet and said “How did you do that?” He looked at me and smiled. They are not giving out their secrets but we had fun speculating on how that little bit of magic happened on the way home. The next time we go to Canlis I’ll take a photo of that famous salad!


About Ellen am a wife, mother, baba (grandmother) and a loyal friend. Jesus is my King and my hope is in my future with Him.

10 thoughts on “Canlis

  1. OOO, I absolutely LOVE this kind of restaurant. We haven’t been to one in ages…the ONE restaurant that required ties and dresses WENT OUT OF BUSINESS….BUMMER !!
    So glad you had a good time.
    Now, I am about to follow you thru email…..
    hugs, bj

  2. Oh that was a wonderful gift! Fun to think about how they managed that…a mini drone? Ha!

    The first photo of Josh and his dad is so neat…frame worthy. Yes, I do remember the bolo ties because they are nearly all that my grandfather would wear. Much more comfortable than a regular tie, I’m sure.

  3. What a fun evening together. About your expression in the mirror – I find that when I take selfies I’m usually thinking about the rest of my outfit and holding the camera steady and straight and that concentration shows up on my face. Makes me wonder what I look like most of the time!

  4. What a fun time…at a neat place! I had all but forgotten about the bolo ties of yesteryear. I don’t think my dad ever wore one…though I clearly remember our neighbour sporting them with his western shirts. A fun heirloom accessory!

  5. I had to smile at the tie and the sweet pic of the two. That dessert sounds amazing! I think I was in dreamland there for just a bit. So.. did you see Josh wink at someone just before you got up? Maybe he has connections you don’t know about.

  6. Wow – that looks like a fabulous place to eat. You and your men look so nice all dressed up – I love the Bolo tie! That really is “somethin” how they managed to make your car reappear! Maybe Anneliese is right?

  7. What a fun evening and a delightful Mother’s Day/Father’s Day gift from Josh and Laura! Hmmm…the return of the car is a mystery. Maybe you’ll need to go back again to figure it all out? 🙂

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