Biltmore House Azalea Garden

Biltmore 062These photos are from our time at the Biltmore Gardens on Saturday May 3rd.

Biltmore 064

Biltmore 065

Biltmore 066

Biltmore 067

Biltmore 068

Biltmore 069

Biltmore 070

Biltmore 095

Biltmore 073

I want to finish up my posts from Katie and my cross country trip before June. I still have a few posts from the Biltmore House and Gardens. A few of these posts are visual with no need of commentary. Remember if you visit the Biltmore to wear comfortable shoes and clothing. There are lots of trails to explore.

It’s amazing to think of all the miles we logged and all the beautiful sights we were afforded on our cross country trip.

Today I’m home again home again jiggity jig. Dear and I got home at about 11:00 P.M. on Tuesday night. Dear was off to work on Wednesday at 5:00 AM and I had my annual doctor’s visit just after 8:00 A.M. on Wednesday.  On Thursday I will be mowing our overgrown lawn (mostly weeds). I’m pleased with the Spring growth that has bloomed while I was gone.  I’ll have to take some photos of some things that surprised and blessed me on my return. I’ll share my sweet memorial azaleas for my dear mom that bloomed so pink and pretty.

How are things in your corner of the world?



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7 thoughts on “Biltmore House Azalea Garden

  1. Okay, call me slow, but I just finally figured out that your photos are a bit dimmed until I hover my mouse over them! Beautiful views, Ellen. So many luscious blooms along the gardens.

  2. Oh soooo pretty. I love #6 – actually I love them all!!! Not much happening over here except that it’s finally getting warm and wonderful. My lawn is mostly weeds too and they grow the quickest! So glad you’re home – isn’t it always great to be home sweet home again!?

  3. The colours are gorgeous. You were there are the perfect time. It’s good to know you’re safely home from that big road trip!

  4. What strikes me here are all the beautiful shades of color in those azaleas…so beautiful, especially in a natural setting in the wooded areas. You’ve sure stayed busy. I think you could curl up with a good book or something, but, no, you’re off to mow a lawn!

  5. So you’ve hit the ground running! Thanks for taking a moment to share your photos of the gorgeous azaleas at the Biltmore…wow!

    (In my corner? I am taking my turn with the same virus that my husband and most of my daughter’s family has had. No fun, but it has afforded me a day on the couch.)

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