The Here and Now!

Katie and I have been very busy in Jacksonville these last few days. We arrived here Sunday night and checked into our hotel and had dinner at O’Charley’s. On Monday we hit the ground running…

ApartmentFirst order of business was to find an apartment for Katie and Andrew. The second complex we visited had a one bedroom apartment available to rent on the 3rd floor with immediate occupancy subject to credit and background checks. Katie filled out all the forms and by 4:00 on Monday she had the keys to the new apartment.

Apartment1The one bedroom is 824 square feet and has nice high ceilings. It is 100 square feet larger than Dear and my condo that we had in California.

Apartment2There are some nice closets and the washer/dryer and all kitchen appliances are included.

Apartment3Of course upon close inspection we found some flaws but this is the nature of the beast with apartment living. One big thing is that the complex is pet friendly.

Apartment5Even though the apartment was supposedly cleaned and carpets washed after the last tenant left we still found an amazing amount of cat hair from just a once over in the living room with the vacuum. Disgusting! I’m thinking the apartment cleaners need to upgrade their vacuums!

On the bright side, the views from the windows are of a lovely green space between this apartment complex and the next one over.

Apartment4It was not easy for Katie and me to trudge up and down the 3 floors of stairs with the minimal belongings that they are setting up home with. We had to break down some of the boxes of kitchen items that Katie had packed so well and that were stored here in Jacksonville for the last eight and a half months because they were just too heavy for us to get up the stairs.

Tuesday was the big long move the boxes and possessions in day. We worked for many hours and shopped for some needed items in between. At 9:30 PM we finally made it back to the hotel pretty much in a delirious state of mind.

On Wednesday we checked out of our hotel and headed to the apartment for the mattress delivery. We vacuumed some more, washed floors and put away all the kitchen items. We also started loads of laundry. The mattress delivery was made and we made up the bed. Katie called the cable company to set up internet and minimum cable and the technician said he was working 2 days out but he’d put Katie on his ASAP list and if anything opened up he’d give us a call. Well…by 4:00 today the internet was hooked up. We headed out to Wal-Mart again and bought a wireless modem. Katie with some difficulty figured out how to hook everything up and we are now connected to the W.W.W.!

Apartment6Sunrise to Sunset has been the theme the last few days. Tomorrow we are taking it slower and returning some items we bought and doing our grocery shopping. We need all the staples (flour, sugar, spices, salt) and extras.

Let’s talk about my hair and humidity. My hair takes on a life of it’s own here in the southeast! It gets some added curl and twists and turns when I’m working hard in the humidity. I think the humidity tires me out faster, too.

Some of Andrew’s company that are good friends of him and Katie will be arriving home sooner than Andrew in the Advon party and we plan to put them to work bribing them with food and company. We need some strong young men to help us get a T.V. into the apartment.

Tomorrow I’m looking forward to a nice strong cup of french press coffee here at K & A’s apartment. What are you looking forward to?

About Ellen am a wife, mother, baba (grandmother) and a loyal friend. Jesus is my King and my hope is in my future with Him.

11 thoughts on “The Here and Now!

  1. You two are to be commended! What a lot you have accomplished. Andrew will be so blessed to find so much already done. May they create a wonderful home there. How much longer before he arrives home?

    • Vee, we are always restricted in giving out dates. Loose lips sink ships! He should be home sometime in May…

  2. That is simply amazing how things have worked out!!! You make me tired just thinking about all the work – but such fun and sense of accomplishment. You two are a team! The apartment looks like a great little unit!

  3. What a lot of work you’ve done but look what you’ve accomplished. How nice of you to plan bribes for Andrew and Katie’s buddies. I’m sure moving furniture will be “a piece of cake” for those strong YOUNG men! You deserve to take it easier tomorrow.

  4. A very nice apartment indeed, and when Katie and Andrew add their personal touches then it will be “home”. I love that word, don’t you? You most certainly will be ready for a much needed rest when you arrive back home, Ellen, a Job well done by both you and your daughter, not to mention the special moments, and memories you have created on this adventure!
    Blessings, Sue

  5. You are accomplishing a lot! It’s nice to have a view of the green space out the window, despite the residue of cat hair in the carpets! I hope no one is allergic. The apartment seems to have a nice neutral color scheme so they can put their own touches on it easily and make it a real home for the two of them. Blessings to you both.

  6. That would have really ticked me off to find all that cat dander and dirt still in an apartment that had supposedly been “cleaned.” If indeed the apartment complex paid someone to clean in there, they got royally ripped off! Good thing you guys were right on top of it. I’m like you: go in with cleaning supplies first before moving anything in. Makes sense to me! Otherwise, though, the place looks like somewhere they can be very happy. Very nice with a laundry space bigger than in our home!!!

    Great that you were able to get so many services taken care of in a fast manner. That makes a world of difference. I hope you’ve not overdone it, though, so that your body doesn’t take weeks to recover.

    Congratulations on getting there and getting so much done in a relatively short amount of time! Happy Mother’s Day!

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