Easters Past…

For my flashback this week I’m going back to Easters in the past. These are all from the 50’s. Later this month I’ll share Easter Flashbacks from our immediate family that hail from the late 70’s and early 80’s.

Black and Whites1

Black and Whites2

img604Growing up my immediate family was divided 4 x 4. My mom and dad had the four of us siblings pictured above and then there was a 7 year gap before they had 4 more children. I was the baby of the family for 7 years.


Black and Whites

img643My mom had one brother who survived to adulthood and these are my cousins on my mom’s side of the family. This photo was taken of my maternal grandmother’s grandchildren at the time. She would add 5 more grandchildren in time.

img610I was so excited when I learned I’d have a baby brother or sister. I really wanted a brother and I remember jumping up and down on our family room couch when my father announced that my mother had my baby brother Tim. Tim was soon followed by our cousin Tanya and then our brother Steve. The twins, Leonard and Lana came a few years later.



img640This last photo is of my Dear and his older brother Terry. Dear and Terry were born 4 years apart. I’m guessing this could be an Easter photo but it also could be that it was just a Sunday going to meeting photo!

Do you host Easter at your house?

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9 thoughts on “Easters Past…

  1. It is SO FUN to look at old photos! These are great!!! Funny how some of the styles have recycled over the decades. I was just admiring (and wondering just how much trouble I’d be in if I actually bought it!) a fabulous dress with a crinoline underpinning at Dillard’s on Monday. I LOVE the look!!! I’ve actually been online looking for a crinoline slip to go with some of my current dresses! I want to bring that 1950s/1960s look back into vogue big time!!! I love it when everyone is all dressed up and it’s not even a Sunday! 🙂

    Thanks for sharing!

  2. I love these Easter pictures! You could always count on a photo session when everyone was dressed in their Easter finery, couldn’t you? 🙂

    I remember carrying a little straw pocketbook, and also wearing the white bobby socks (after a winter in tights) with my white patent leather shoes. Great memories!

  3. Love seeing these flashback pictures. Inspires me to look up some oldies here too. Thanks for sharing Ellen – you have always had the sweetest smile.

  4. I absolutely adored your family Easter photos, Ellen, The Easter outfits brought back so many memories, It was a must at our home to make sure Easter photos were taken. You all looked so sweet!
    My Mom always has her family for Easter dinner. Thank you for sharing.

  5. Oh Ellen, these are so much fun! The dresses all remind me of dresses I wore on Easter Sun. I have got to get busy and do what you’re doing – go through old pix to try to preserve them in some manner. What a cute family you all were. I can’t imagine having to dress that many children for Easter Sun! I had trouble getting to church on time with my 2 children dressed and hair combed! laurie

  6. I love these pictures! I know my mom has pics of my sis and me dressed in our Easter finery, usually alike down to our shoes, in front of the family vehicle or by the edge of the lawn on our way to church.

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