Flashback to the Late Sixties…

These next photos from my high school years might show one of the reasons for my interest in sports. These were taken from 1966 to 1968 at my home and at Montebello High School in Montebello, California. Montebello is  just East of East L.A.

img339I was on the Song leader squad in my junior and senior years. The first few photos are from my junior year.

img341Every Friday before game time we would have a Pepster Squad Dinner at one of the Pepsters’ homes. When the squads came to my house my mother would prepare a Russian meal. We enjoyed this time together before game time. It was easy to lose 5 pounds in one night of cheerleading.

img345This was my best friend and she was a flag twirler our Junior year. In our senior year we were both Song leaders.

img343Some more of my friends Judy, Shelly and Bet. The hanging of Dumbo is a long story.



img347It was crazy hat night at our Basketball game. Looks like we were playing the Whittier Cards? Shuffle the Cards was our motto for the night.

img356Our uniforms changed every year but they were always some combination of blue and gold our school colors. This was my senior year.


img364It was crazy hat night again.


img369We’d always go out for fast food after the game to try to gain back some of the weight we’d lose in the course of cheering during the games.


img361The Pep squad would have their own Physical Education hour together to practice our routines and to learn all the rules connected with the different sports we would cheer on the sidelines for. I remember studying the rules for football and learning all the referee signs. It has come in handy in understanding what’s going on when I watch sports now. These were the days when you had to have your P.E. uniform washed each weekend at home and brought back on Monday pressed and ready for the week. After class you were also required to take a shower in those group shower stalls and get your name checked off. I don’t think kids use uniforms anymore for Physical Education. Did you have uniforms in high school for P.E.?

We had a very quiet Monday here. After all the excitement yesterday with the Super Bowl it was nice to have a quiet day. Katie and I are talking about going to the Super Bowl parade in Seattle on Wednesday.

Tomorrow, Tuesday,  our new dishwasher is coming to be installed. I’ll have to learn a different technique in filling the new one.

How’s the first week of February in your world?

About Ellenhttps://happywonderer.com/I am a wife, mother, baba (grandmother) and a loyal friend. Jesus is my King and my hope is in my future with Him.

16 thoughts on “Flashback to the Late Sixties…

  1. Oh Ellen – you have taken me down memory lane!!! You won’t believe it but I was a cheerleader in my high school years as well – oh so many similarities. Our colours were green and gold. Our hair styles were exactly the same – you were so cute and your smile is still the same!!! And, oh the P.E. uniforms – your’s were great. Ours were royal blue one piece bloomer type jump suits – so ugly – and we had to embroider our names on the back – I think I still have it somewhere!! Thanks for taking me “back”…..

  2. What fun! I was no cheerleader, but I did have a gym suit…a one-piece blue number that had absolutely no give whatsoever. Ugh. I still hate even the memory of that thing. That and those revolting public showers.

    You are a cute group of gals and I’m sure that you share a lot of fun memories!

  3. What a great trip back in time. I was never into sports or cheerleading. But it always looked like fun. No gym uniforms – we had to have a pair of shorts and a t-shirt that we kept in our lockers. Our school had the group shower facility but no one used it.

  4. Such fun looking back at all the memories. My sister was a cheerleader but I don’t think we got into it as seriously as you folks did. I remember sneaking up and pulling pom pom strands out when the girls would stand with them behind their backs. I was a naughty girl 🙂

  5. Oh Ellen, you were so cool! I could only have dreamed of being a cheerleader! I don’t think I would have been allowed. Maybe too much like dancing? Good thing I was shy, but I sure wish I had some of those dance coordination skills now.

    • Anneliese, by the time I got to junior high and high school my mom and pop had gotten worn down into letting me do things my older siblings didn’t do. They even let me go to dances!!

  6. Ellen, you haven’t changed a bit !!! I recognized you easily on each photo !!
    and yes.. definitely I had PE uniforms that had to be taken home and washed. And I, with Anneliese, would never have been allowed to ‘cheerlead’ or to go to dances!
    Memory lane … it just seems to get longer and longer !! where DOES the time go ??

  7. You do have the same smile and peppy style!

    Some of those huge hair styles were amazing! How many cans of hair spray do you think they used?
    Cheerleaders used to be the work horses of our high school. I half rolled my eyes at their attention seeking behavior and a half rolled my eyes at how hard they were worked and yet they did everything with a huge smile. Didn’t they understand they were being used both as eye candy and grunt work?

    Later I came to realize cheerleaders were developing team leadership skills and consequently they often were found in leadership positions in work and social organizations. My respect for them soared!

    And yes, we had PE uniforms at our school: black shorts with a white stripe on the side and white scratchy shirts with snaps on the front and short sleeves that peaked up at the ends. Boys would sometimes try to grab a shirt and unsnap them in a single pull. Seems like a bit of close contact was needed in the first place for that to happen.

    More than one mom griped about having to run a load of laundry over the weekend. I think my mom bought me two sets to avoid weekend laundry/ironing duty!

    Oh…and the school offered “greenies” (left behind uniforms dyed green) to anyone one who showed up on Monday without a clean freshly pressed uniform. The horror!! The shame!!

  8. What FUN to look back at the hairstyles and clothes and even that makeup!!! All of you girls looked as though you just walked off the set of “To Sir, With Love” or that you were ready to scamper off to one of those “Beach Blanket Bingo” parties! Groovy!!! It’s also fun to look at the decor in the rooms where some of the photos were taken. A TRUE flashback!!!

  9. OMG, I found myself in one of the pictures of the Basketball game, my hair was so big and stiff..funny. Loved looking at all the ones you posted. I was on drill team and remember P.E. being 5th period. I was a member of the drill team. MHS,Class of 67. Debbie Mink(Maiden name)

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