Super Sunday!

We had such a fun time at church this morning. Wish you could have been there.

2014-02-02 Super SundayTwo of our pastors squared off head to head in a sermon duel. They both spoke about underdogs in the Bible with a different person from the Bible’s story in each of the 4 quarters of the sermon time. There was even a referee to call penalties on them. So much fun with a clear message of God’s care for us and the Gospel shining through.

Super Sunday 023

Super Sunday 020

Super Sunday 021

Super Sunday 016Loved this Bible cover…NFL = New Found Life!

Super Sunday 026

Super Sunday 027

Super Sunday 028God is greater than…any other God.

Super Sunday 031 4th quarter our lead pastor ended the game pointing our eyes to Jesus…who…

Super Sunday 032The final score was…

Super Sunday 033The pastors were both real good sports. In the end Wolfgang could not bear wearing that Broncos jersey and stripped it off to reveal his Seahawks Jersey. It’s hard to be wearing Orange in the greater Seattle area on this particular Sunday. Whoever wins today it’s been so much fun enjoying the electricity of the 12th man.

Super Sunday 011We had our photo op picked up our skittles and headed home to get ready for the big game.

Super Sunday 005

Super Sunday 035


super bowl treats 006Super Sunday 013

2014-02-02 super bowl treats

We’ve got the 12th man drinks going and the 12th man chair all ready.

Carnitas 014

This is what we are eating during the commercials! Football is not our life but we are having fun today enjoying all the hype and cheering loud for our team.

Are you watching or are you happily avoiding the game?

Update: We are so glad that our Seahawks will bring their first Super Bowl trophy home!

2014-02-02 Gameday!

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15 thoughts on “Super Sunday!

  1. I was thinking of you all evening as the Seahawks blew the Broncos away!!! Wow – looks like you had a “Super Sunday” alright – what fun! We watched the game in Ajijic, Mexico with our friends. Just a few more days here in the sun – sigh!

  2. What a great day! I love how Seattle has two teams wearing green and blue. Your party pictures were fun to see. Our Denver girl is not happy but my mush heart always likes when a team who has never been before can win the Super Bowl. It was a crazy game, little seemed to go Denver’s way.

  3. Looks like a fun time. We don’t watch the game, but friends from church this morning were going home and getting ready for the super bowl party. Glad the Sea Hawks won!

  4. So Glad your team won! Of course we west coasters have to stick together don’t we! That was a sermon you will remember! I guess the Seahawks win was the icing on the cake for your party!

  5. Wow – I’d like to have been in your church yesterday!
    We watched the game and cheered – the menu? Nachos, wings, Caesar salad and (because it is, after all, the West Coast) sushi.

  6. Now THAT’S the way to fill the pews on Super Bowl Sunday!!! I love it! Catholic Church is so boring and ritualistic…we never get to do anything fun like this! I’m sure the message reached a whole lot of people in a different way. Sometimes it just takes a different delivery system to get the message through!

    I watched the game with great enthusiasm. I love football!!! There were a lot of people in the room, so I couldn’t hear the commercials like I would have liked to. I missed a lot of the halftime performance, too. 😦 Oh, well…I’m sure I can Google it and find it somewhere out there on the www!!!

    I’m glad you guys enjoyed the whole day! Have a super week! Oh, by the way…I was rooting for the Seahawks ALL THE WAY even though they’re not in our conference!!! Cannot STAND the Broncos!!!

  7. CONGRATS on a super Seahawks win! What a fantastic game. And… since you’ve got the DVD’s of Downton Abbey, you could focus right on the Super Bowl last night. 😉

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