A Good Start…

On Sunday afternoon of day 5 of the New Year Dear pipes up and says, “do you want to go out and take a walk?” I said, “let’s go while it’s still light and dry.”

2014-01-05 icyThe morning started in the 20’s and there was lots of frosty ice on the deck, roofs, lawn, and sidewalks so we bundled up before we headed out.

Not too much excitement here in the neighborhood to report but here are some things I took photos of…

P1040764Little varmints have been busy in the neighborhood. They sure were digging in a straight line!


She did not fly south and she was squawking up a storm upon our approach. She was perched on the roof of an out building.


By the time we got way up this hill I was breathing quite heavily and used the excuse to stop and take a photo of where we had come from and the view from the top to catch my breath. Those mountains are in the Cascade Mountain range.

P1040767The trees are in full winter mode. This weeping willow has so much character.


We got home as the sun was setting and casting a wonderful glow onto the maple in our neighbor’s yard.

We really need to make walking a habit for this new year. We used to walk more regularly but have fallen way out of the habit. Do you walk regularly?

(I stayed up way too late watching the season 4 opening of Downton Abbey. I’m still hooked and very tired.)

About Ellenhttps://happywonderer.com/I am a wife, mother, baba (grandmother) and a loyal friend. Jesus is my King and my hope is in my future with Him.

9 thoughts on “A Good Start…

  1. lovely light — my husband and I did the same thing in the late afternoon, yesterday (Sunday) – and had a similar walk, only on city sidewalks 🙂

    I hope you enjoyed Downton – I watched again this a.m. on my computer, just to be at the same place as my peeps in the States. It’s like comfort food for my mind. I hope fans were satisfied with the beginning of this Season.

  2. No walking here…it was just too cold! Just walking back to the car after church was jolting. We watched Downton too.

  3. I feel as you do about both walking and Downton Abbey. I need to walk more…a challenge in ice and vile temps. I was up late as well. I’m just glad that I didn’t need tissues. Happy getting back to walking!

  4. So many fun pictures in this post. The critter digging those holes in such a straight line is CRAZY. You live in a beautiful part of the world. Thinking about walking in our -20 below wind chill just makes me stop in my tracks and want to go bury myself under my down comforter. I’ve never been one for walking, I would rather do water aerobics, but walkers sure do see God’s glorious world every time.

  5. At least you have dry ground to walk on. Ours is snow covered. And for Downton, I waited for a year and finally it came last night. Worth the wait? Just posted. Love to hear your thoughts! 😉

  6. In 2014 I am walking regularly. Every day. Six down! We couldn’t find Downton Abbey anywhere on our channel line-up…so I guess we will need to order the season 4 dvd’s once again. Or we could move to the US!

  7. Fun seeing your neighborhood through your eyes, Ellen. The perfect straight line of holes dug cracked me up when you said it was the work of varmints.. I thought they were fence post holes or something.

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