To London We Go…

On Friday September 20th we left the coast of Cornwall for the long trip to London. We were dropping our car off at Heathrow and then booking a taxi to take us to the apartment we were renting through the weekend. Soon we would be depending on the London Tube for our transportation. “Mind the Gap”!

2013-09-21 London Saturday1

This is the street and building where our flat was located. It was a short walk to Portabello Road but a long walk to the nearest tube station that got you into London easily. We were close to a station that required connecting to a London central line.

2013-09-20 To London1The living space was roomy and comfortable.

2013-09-20 To London

We each had our own king room and bathroom.

To London 018

After we settled into the flat we decided to head into London and see what we could see but first we had a nice long walk along Portobello Road to the Notting Hill Gate Tube Station.

To London 021

We walked up the steps from the underground and landed right in Trafalgar Square. Soon we would be quoting Laura every time we tried to get from A to B in London proper… “Oh the Humanity”. After being in the countryside it was quite unnerving to be thrust into such a sea of people.

To London 023

To London 026

To London 028

To London 032

Now we were very hungry and Dear remembered a pub we ate in back in 2003 just down the road from here so we walked with “the humanity” and headed that way. The pub was packed to the gills but we found a nice spot in the back and settled in.

To London 035

2013-09-20 To London2Our food was good and we were revived and decided to try to take in as much of the National Gallery before it closed. It was getting dark outside.

To London 039

To London 043

To London 044

To London 045

We saw some wonderful works of art but no photos were allowed in the National Gallery. We were all well spent from our long day and found our way back to the flat for a good nights rest before our Saturday in London.

Back here in the Northwest we’ve had a relaxing weekend and we’ve been cooking meat. I cooked a chuck roast in the slow cooker and we had roast beef sandwiches for dinner on Saturday. Today we had ribs slow cooking in the oven and will have them with some coleslaw and baked beans. Good thing we don’t have any vegetarians in our house. Our Katie is a huge Dr. Who fan so Saturday’s 50th Anniversary special airing in Britain and B.B.C.- U.S.A. was on the agenda. Judging from her squeals of delight it was all she had hoped for.

I had a fun experience today after church. We host a Toy Shop at our church for needy families from public school districts in our area. Church members donate toys for different age groups (new, unwrapped toys). Parents can then come to the toy shop and choose 2 gifts for each of their children. They take them to the wrapping table and we wrap the gifts for them to take home and give to their children on Christmas.  So after church I headed to Fred Meyer to do some toy shopping. I was in the Lego aisle and a grandmother with her two grandsons came into the aisle. The grandmother told the boys to choose a toy that they would like but the toy was not for them. The toy was for someone who had less then them. She was trying to teach them about giving. She looked at my cart and the list in my hand and asked me who I was shopping for. I told her all about our Toy Shop at church. She then said, “Ok, boys pick a gift and put it in this ladies cart, I’ll give her the money for the toy and it will go to the toy shop and a little boy your age will get it and enjoy it” Ha! After they selected the gift and gave it to me (and $15.00 cash) I told the boys that a boy their age would be really happy to get that toy. Then I said Thank you very much and Merry Christmas. The grandmother explained to me that she wasn’t sure where to donate a gift so she was happy to bump into me at the store…

How was your weekend?

About Ellen am a wife, mother, baba (grandmother) and a loyal friend. Jesus is my King and my hope is in my future with Him.

13 thoughts on “To London We Go…

  1. How’s that for a “coincidence”??? I believe that was a “meant to be” moment for sure! What a wonderful program!
    Your London pictures are just amazing Ellen – I so want to follow your footsteps someday!!!
    We had a cold and stormy weekend. Today was our church’s Christmas pot-luck lunch with tables laden (and I’m not kidding) with the most wonderful food – there goes any hope of a diet!!

  2. Hi Ellen! You have so many things here I could comment on. First, your photographs of London were just fabulous. I loved the market stall one but then I saw the one looking through the columns to the tower and and loved that one, too. And the pub with chalkboard menu…

    I haven’t been able to keep up with blog reading lately so I don’t know what prompted the trip to England, if it was just pleasure or a military visit to Katie or what. It sounds great. I wonder how you found that nice apartment–online? The picture of the sandwich at the pub (oh, that bread!) made me realize I am starving.

    Have a great Thanksgiving with our mutual friends and Brenda’s mom. My parents were good friends of her parents in their early days of marriage and then as I told you B and I were in our youth group at the same time. Say hi for me. I saw B here for her brother’s funeral last year.
    Maybe someday you and I will meet up!

    Which reminds me: the weekend just after we left Victoria the MGCC authors were coming to sign books at the 10,000 Villages. I had gone in there to shop and I saw your cookbooks (so far I have bought 4, 2 of each) and I saw the sign that you were going to be there THE VERY NEXT WEEKEND! I was so sorry to be that close and miss it.

    Happy Thanksgiving to you all!

    • Hi Holly,
      This trip was a pleasure trip to introduce our son and daughter in law to the land we love to visit and for Josh a chance to go to English Premier Soccer games. Laura was more interested in castles and quaint! We booked the apartment in London on “One Fine Stay”. Our daughter Katie is living with us right now until her Marine gets home from Afghanistan.
      I’m excited to see Tim and Brenda and finally meet Brenda’s mom on Thursday. I will say hello.
      What a fun story about Victoria. I was not able to go with the girls on that trip as we were in Southern California for my mom’s memorial service.
      Happy Thanksgiving!

  3. That’s such an example of God working in the little things of life for you to meet up with that family in the store. So lovely.
    Your London photos make me want to go there. One day.

    Have a wonderful week!

  4. I agree with the comments above – what a wonderful meeting of kind people in that toy aisle! God bless that grandma and her grandsons – and God bless the family that receives these gifts!

    Your photos of England continue to impress me. What beautiful skies you had in London. Thank you for sharing these pics with us. I have really enjoyed this series of travel posts and will be a little sad when it’s finished!

  5. Providential meeting indeed! Love seeing your London photos as I am thinking about taking my granddaughters there in the spring and you’ve reminded me why I think it would be a cool trip for them.

  6. Enjoyed walking the streets of London with you….then stopping at Clarence’s and your lovely flat.
    I loved the story of your shopping experience. Our grand kids go ‘on a shop for someone else’ each year. It’s a wonderful way for them to learn to give with joy thinking of others…and buying something really really special for the receiver.

  7. Love your ‘chance’ shopping encounter at Fred Meyer. It was meant to be! What a great program your church has…the Toy Shop!

    I’m still enjoying following your travels in England. I’m smiling at Laura’s quote…’the humanity’!

  8. I’m singing “London Bridges Falling Down” You sure had a beautiful flat…no wonder you put on such a beautiful Pub night. I love your story at the end. How fitting and inspiring.

  9. Hello Ellen, I continue enjoying your English travels. I agree with Holly, that photo looking through the columns is really fantastic. Good eye. Wishing you and yours a wonderful Thanksgiving Day on Thursday.

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