In the Kitchen…

…at the West Coast Women’s Show in Abbotsford, B.C.

2013-10-25 chicken West coast

chicken West coast 024

chicken West coast 028After the Kitchen Demonstration on Roasted Butternut Squash Soup, Grilled Lattice Topped Apples, and French bread (all from our new cookbook, Celebrations) We headed back to the Winks Booth at the show.

chicken West coast 040

I was happy that our daughter Katie was able to make the drive with me this time to Canada. It really makes the time go by faster when you have a traveling companion.

chicken West coast 043

Before we headed to the show we stopped in at Lovella’s and she had a lovely table set for us and served us Roasted Butternut soup with homemade buns. Delicious. Then we even got a cranberry scone to top it off. Thank you Lovella. We appreciated your hospitality!

Today (Saturday) the girls will be demonstrating 5 different things to make from biscuit dough at noon in the Kitchen theater at the show. Make sure you stop by if you are in Abbotsford!

We are getting things ready at this old house for a little reunion of some of our daughter’s friends from high school. Dear and I will escape upstairs to our loft after the small reunion gets started later tonight. What’s on your Saturday agenda?

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6 thoughts on “In the Kitchen…

  1. How fun for you to be able to come up to Abbotsford for the show.

    Around here today I made applesauce, planted my bulbs, did some cleaning and will be going to our son’s house for dinner.

  2. Traveling with daughter Katie has to be the highlight of your trip, how wonderful for her to have the reunion, congratulations and best wishes on the new cookbook !

  3. Having Katie to travel with is certainly a blessing for you. Saturday? I spent most of the day hanging out at the spinners/weavers guild Fall Festival next to the farmers market. Fun!

  4. The West Coast women’s show looks so interesting. I would be there in a flash if I lived closer – sigh! So interested in the biscuit dough demo! Lovella’s hair is so pretty and everyone looks fabulous! Katie has such a sweet smile – what a fun travel companion. Hope her reunion goes well.
    We’re visiting some friends in Kentucky this weekend and I brought a special “Celebrations” cookbook with me as a gift!!

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