Eating and Sleeping in Wells, England

After we enjoyed Evensong it was time to find our Inn for the night to check in and then to find a recommended spot for dinner.

2013-09-16 Alton to Cotswolds15

The Inn was spacious but it wasn’t my favorite.

2013-09-16 Alton to Cotswolds18

2013-09-16 Alton to Cotswolds16

We had two of the larger rooms in the Inn.

2013-09-16 Alton to Cotswolds17

My overall experience was lacking something.

2013-09-16 Alton to Cotswolds19

We did enjoy the Fountain Inn Gastro Pub that was recommended to us for dinner. You could catch a glimpse of the Cathedral from the Pub.

England Cotswolds

The atmosphere, service and food was good.

2013-09-17 Wells Tuesday

We had a good nights rest and enjoyed our breakfast at the Inn before we headed further south to Cornwall.

Wells to Porthtowen food

Before we packed up I took a few more photos of the Inn.

2013-09-17 Wells Tuesday2While I was out back taking these photos I spotted Josh way up in his room at the open window. Of course I zoomed in for a shot!

2013-09-17 Wells Tuesday3

2013-09-16 Alton to Cotswolds20

Before we headed to Cornwall we drove back to the Cathedral to walk through the Bishop’s Palace and The Vicar’s Close.

Back here in the states Katie and I will be heading to Abbotsford, Canada on Friday. The Mennonite Girls Can Cook are joining the fun at the West Coast Women’s Show spending time at Wink’s Retail Space and on the kitchen stage. I’m happy to have a traveling companion for the trip back and forth.

About Ellen am a wife, mother, baba (grandmother) and a loyal friend. Jesus is my King and my hope is in my future with Him.

10 thoughts on “Eating and Sleeping in Wells, England

  1. Another round of beautiful pictures! I do love the decor of the Inn. And I spotted the Villeroy & Boch Petit Fleur dishes — I wonder why they didn’t use their homegrown British made dishes.

  2. This Inn is very formal and reminds me of one I stayed at in Bath. Very different from our US Style. A little over the top fussy. Elegant, beautiful, but somehow not a homey place. I despaired trying to call home from their phone, and just gave up. (That was way before cell phone common usage – late 90’s.)

  3. I just loved the photos in this post. Every corner of those rooms seems to have interest. Love the windows.
    Looking forward to seeing you and Katie on Friday…and I’m so glad you have a traveling partner too.

  4. So what would you have changed, to make it your favourite, Ellen?
    Your pictures are lovely, again! Sorry to miss you at the WCWS today – I’ll be praying all goes well as you do your stage presentation. Have fun with Katie!

  5. Mmmmmm….porridge with whiskey! THAT’S a heck of a way to get your day started! 🙂 🙂 🙂 Wouldn’t mind trying that myself! 🙂 I think I saw beans on that menu, too. I have eaten beans for breakfast, but probably not served the same way as there. I just ate them for breakfast because I cooked them overnight in the Crock Pot and they smelled good! Couldn’t resist!!! 🙂

    What pretty grounds! And the rooms in the inn DO look huge!!! I’m glad to know you are enjoying yourself! Be safe!!!

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