Birds of a Feather…

fall 006

We have had birds and more birds pecking about our yard the last couple of weeks. It has been fun to see the many varieties.

fall 009

This European Starling is a new addition in our yard this year.

fall 011

They like to stick together and they fly off together, too.

fall 019

We had a fun time this weekend with a few members of our family. Girls of a feather that enjoy sticking together, too. It wasn’t the whole flock but we take what we can get. My oldest sister Kathy’s two daughters were able to fly to Seattle to stay with my baby sister Lana. Our daughter Katie and DIL Laura joined the girls at Lana’s for a few days of nonstop fun. Fall-girls 015

Michelle, Melissa, Katie and Laura

Fall-girls 016Our hostess, Auntie Lana,  joined the girls for a photo!

Fall-girls 018

And Auntie Ellen, too.


Between seasons of Downton Abbey we were able to fit in a trip to Country Village in Bothell where we made some fun purchases and after the shopping trip we met up with all the guys for dinner at the Purple Cafe.


There were 10 of us at dinner but I couldn’t get a great shot of everyone. Lana’s husband Steve, Dear, Ryan (my niece Michelle’s husband) and our son Josh joined the girls for a lovely meal out and then it was back to Lana’s for more Downton Abbey…

The guys were very accommodating to the girls this weekend and we appreciate them very much. We only had enough time to make it through 2 whole seasons and the Christmas Special from Downton Abbey. My sister Lana is the only one of us who hasn’t seen season 3 yet and we left the DVD’s with her so she can finish off the series before Season 4 starts here in the states in January.

We said our farewells and our guests headed back to the airport to fly back to Southern California. We all look forward to the next time we can be together.

We are in a foggy pattern here in the Western part of the Puget Sound that has extended up to British Columbia. We are hoping the sun can break through the fog in the next days ahead.

About Ellen am a wife, mother, baba (grandmother) and a loyal friend. Jesus is my King and my hope is in my future with Him.

10 thoughts on “Birds of a Feather…

  1. Quite impressed at how often your clan manages to gather! And amused at how you linked bird and girl flocks together in one post. Hope the starlings don’t take over up there!

    • That’s exactly what I thought when I saw Katie’s beautiful hair – she’d be a shoe in to play Anne! I can just imagine you girls had a marvelous time together.
      (I’m sorry about your starlings – they are such pests here and believe me, you do NOT want them nesting anywhere nearby – Besides being very noisy at unearthly hours in the morning, they are dirty and steal other birds eggs.)

  2. I’m smiling at Katie’s hair – Sarah dyed hers the very same shade. She gets a lot of Anne jokes 🙂

    Your girly weekend sounds wonderful – I can just imagine the laughter!

  3. Those European starlings seem to form ‘gangs’ wherever they go! It sounds like a fun girls weekend,over there. Love’in Katie’s red hair!

  4. A Downton Abbey weekend – what fun!!! I love Katies hair – you all look so great. I can’t wait till Season 4 starts…..the farmer and I are totally hooked and we’ve also been watching Doc Martin and enjoying that as well! Love British television series.

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