Old Manor House…

…a luxury Bed and Breakfast in South Warwickshire, on the edge of the Cotswolds. This 16th Century home was our favorite. This great house is seven miles from Stratford Upon Avon and just one and a half hours from London.

We had a very good experience here and if we would travel back to England we’d book more than a night at this lovely manor to explore the area.

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2013-09-16 Alton to Cotswolds11

16th Century homes have some very unique features. Josh and Laura got the duck your head room!

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Loved the windows…

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One of the fun highlights of our time here was meeting Geoff and Joan, an older couple who were staying at the Old Manor House while we were there. We had a lovely time talking and getting to know their interesting history.

Alton to Cotswolds 129

It was so interesting to learn that Joan was one of the “Call the Midwives” that served after World War II in the London Area. I asked her if she had seen the BBC series and she said that she really has enjoyed it and how accurate the show is.

I didn’t get a photo of our hosts but did get one of their adult son who was helping out while we were there with breakfast and taking care of a new litter of pups.

Alton to Cotswolds 128

Speaking of breakfast…it was a delicious version of the traditional English breakfast.





We highly recommend the Old Manor House. Tomorrow I’ll share photos from our short walk to “The Halford” where we enjoyed our Sunday Pub Dinner.

Back on the home front…

My niece Michelle shared these words from my dear old Pop on Sunday when they visited him…
“You know, it’s hard without your Baba. I have tears. But God is with me. And so I get up and go on again. God is love. And when His love is in you, you feel His comfort. I’m thanking Him for all He’s given me. He is good.”
Today when I talked to him on the phone he said, “I’m not going to lie, it’s hard.” We talked about how great it is that he has good memories. “Yes, he said, God has been good to us.” By the way today he went to “Staplers” (Staples) to buy a board so he could put together a jigsaw puzzle Ryan and Michelle bought him…
Thank you for remembering him in your prayers!!

About Ellenhttps://happywonderer.com/I am a wife, mother, baba (grandmother) and a loyal friend. Jesus is my King and my hope is in my future with Him.

13 thoughts on “Old Manor House…

  1. I love reading these words of your dear father. AND seeing these awesome travel photos. I hope to tour the area some day and am going to tuck away the name of this B & B 🙂

  2. Some time ago I explored the Cotswolds all by myself and loved the inns where I stayed. Seeing your post makes me think it’s time to go back, maybe this time with the hubby.

  3. I can see why you would want to stay longer. How interesting it would have been to chat with the midwife about her experiences. Those rooms all have such character.

  4. I wonder how old this one was? So much history and character built into it! It’s interesting that they do not update like we are so quick to do here. Very charming, because it looks like it’s well loved and cared for.

  5. The B&B looks a little wonky in a delightful sort of way; only to be expected of such an old building. And breakfast looks yummy! Sometimes I make myself a grilled tomato with an egg and toast for breakfast after I first had one in England. They are okay with a hint of salt on them.

  6. It all looks so charming! My favorite part has to be that black lab puppy! Adorable!
    On another note, I haven’t visited for awhile and have read through enough post to realize that your dear mother is now with Jesus. I am truly sorry…even when we know someone is spending eternity with the Lord, there’s some sadness at their departure. Blessings to your family and especially your father.

  7. Your sweet father…how good to know that he senses The Lord’s comfort and love. And how good to get interested in a puzzle project. That sounds very good.

    Ahhh…well, no wonder this was your favorite…it really is a lovely place. I just recently saw Barbara at Ramblings From an English Garden have to duck into a room, which was the first time I realized that such doorways exist. Here it would not meet code and would not be allowed. Hope that no one has ever banged his head!

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