…are a great excuse for eating out. Thankfully we can take advantage of the lower priced Happy Hours around town since Dear starts work early and gets home earlier than most. Remember if you don’t drink alcohol you can still enjoy Happy Hours. Usually they just require you to order some type of drink including soft drinks or iced tea, etc.

We have found a new place to us in town that we have enjoyed a few times now.

Main Street Ale House1Main Street Ale House in Bothell. I didn’t take a photo of the jalapeno poppers we had last Wednesday night. They were delicious stuffed with cheese and wrapped in thick bacon. They came with a dipping sauce that was sweet (maple syrup and brown sugary). A great sweet and savory combo.

We actually had a meal in from items I purchased at Costco last Thursday. They had their rotisserie chicken packaged in leg quarters in the fresh refrigerated section 8 quarters for $4.99. I bought those a container of Coconut Curry Sauce, some Naan bread, rice and a Caesar salad. I simmered 4 of the chicken quarters in the sauce to serve with the rest of the sides that I bought. Easy peasy in a kitchen that is not totally back to normal.

What is your go to restaurant or bring in meal when things are topsy turvy at home?

My mom continues to be cared for at home and she has her major ups and downs. My family is continuing to make adjustments to make her as comfortable as we can. Thank you so much for all your prayers and kind encouragement during this time. My family is blessed by it all.

mom coloringHere’s my mom from Monday night having some ice cream and coloring with my niece Melissa. She really enjoyed this and I love seeing these photos.

About Ellen am a wife, mother, baba (grandmother) and a loyal friend. Jesus is my King and my hope is in my future with Him.

18 thoughts on “Renovations…

  1. Precious pictures of your mom. Cheddar’s is our favorite restaurant…good food, generous portions, reasonable prices. I picked up a rotisserie chicken this week from Kroger…$4.99 also. Makes getting dinner ready easier after a long day at work!

  2. Costco is our go to for pre-made meals when we need that, too. Love their chicken pie.

    I love to color too. So sweet of your niece to be there for her.

  3. Very special photos…it is all about the kindness and simple joys. We order the old standard—pizza—when things have gone to seed. Hope that soon this renovation phase will be over, though it is nice to be off the hook for preparing some meals.

  4. Precious photos of your mother and her granddaughter. Your family is surely a blessing to your mother and a comfort to your father these days!
    When things are Topsy-turvy at our house I head for the salad aisle at Costco – a big shrimp salad or Greek salad with a grilled chicken breast make for a great summer supper. In winter, a container of soup and a baguette will do just fine!

  5. Awww, sweet coloring time. Coloring is so soothing, to our family. I just love looking back at the picture of your mom with her hands raised as she was prayed over…..pure worship before our Father.
    We just joined Costco and my oh my are there some fun things there.

    Continued prayers for your family, He knows what all need and is the best comforter.

  6. So glad to see photos of your mom! I hope the ups are more than the downs, and that peaceful becomes the main descriptive for her days.

    During the month our kitchen was ripped up we basically ate cupboard foods heated up on a hot plate or microwaved (both set up in our laundry room, with a fridge in the garage…requiring a hike through the snow first thing for morning milk!). Our grocery store’s deli provided a lot of meals being just one lock away. After a month I was pretty sick of eating out so much!

  7. Who ever said that colouring was just for kids? I can see your mom is still youthful at heart. What precious pictures.

    Rennovating? Well yes, we do know what it’s like! We did our cooking in our camper during our kitchen Reno and enjoyed some good meals there. But we did eat out more often than usual and were blessed to be invited out to friends on a number of occasions during that time.

  8. Oh, that just makes me feel so good to see your Mom sitting up in bed and enjoying that ice cream!!!!!!!!! She looks SO much better than the last photo! God bless her!!! I hope your Dad is doing well, too.

    I love it that they’re coloring!!! I love to do that…still!!!!! I think it’s good for dexterity.

    We have a couple of go-to places including Costco for the rotisserie chicken and a Chinese food place here in town. It took us forever to identify a good Chinese food restaurant close by! Not a lot of them in this suburban area.

    Best wishes with the reno as you keep going with that!!!!

  9. You do find some good eats! Looks like your mom found a treat to enjoy as well…and loved ones to spend time with. I know your are there in many ways…and we continue to mention you in prayer daily.

  10. Eating ice cream! How wonderful! and coloring with those that love her and call her Oma. Nice that family could be there for her.
    We enjoyed going to our local airport which has an outside patio. We spent many a meal there. We also enjoyed those cooked chickens. They are wonderful.
    Praying that you will continue to feel God,s peace and grace during this time.

  11. Your Mom looks so happy and peaceful, Ellen! I am continuing to pray for her and your family!

    I love Costco! Since I watch my baby granddaughter all day, M-F, while my daughter works, I don’t get the opportunity to cook as much as I did and I have relied on Costco for rotisserie chicken and other entree treats. They are a lifesaver. I also cook a lot on weekends so we can have leftovers–thankfully hubby and I like leftovers…lol! 😉

  12. Enjoy the eating out – hope the renos are going well. Your mother looks so peaceful and mild. I know how hard this is, especially from afar. Still thinking of you all!

  13. I love this of your Mom coloring. I find it very restful to use colored pencils and just doodle away. We’ve been traveling but have been keeping up on your posts with my kindle. Still praying for you all.

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