What do you find that refreshes you each day?
I know from experience that it’s good for me to start each day thanking God and expressing my gratitude to Him for the new day.
I also know a little exercise each day is refreshing, too. I’m wondering what is going to kick start me into my habit of walking which has fallen by the wayside the last few years. I don’t want to be that American that Yeats speaks about who doesn’t walk in the winter because it’s too cold or walk in the summer because it’s too hot. Maybe each morning after I talk to God and express my gratitude I’ll start asking for Him to help me put one foot in front of the other and walk a mile or two.
Do you walk regularly and what helps you get out the door?
About Ellen am a wife, mother, baba (grandmother) and a loyal friend. Jesus is my King and my hope is in my future with Him.

20 thoughts on “Refresh

  1. Yes, get a walking buddy! That’s when I stopped walking…my buddy did. Sad commentary, but true. I always think that I must start walking again before everything starts hurting more than it already does. Ha!

  2. I need to get back on my walking regime too. I have absolutely no excuse now and that bothers me. I am awake bright and early this morning and wonder if I should go out and walk around the yard. I wonder what my beloved would say if he woke up and saw me walking around out there in my housecoat.
    Beautiful hydrangeas. I need to take photos of mine soon too while they are so fresh and vibrant.

  3. When Miss Kitty wakes me up early and I stumble out of bed in the predawn dark, it only takes opening the slider in the living room and feeling the fragrant cool air pour in to perk me up and remember Who to thank (Whom to thank?) for the new day. As far as walking, I have not been outside on a walk in a long time. And haven’t done it regularly in years. However, and this seems to have made even more impact on my health than my long-ago regular walks, we bought a little treadmill, the kind you make go with your own feet, not electric, and over the past six months I’ve worked my way up to 30 minutes on it most days. And it’s indoors, so no excuses can be made about the weather! You might want to give it a try. Nothing, however, substitutes for taking a walk out in the beauty of God’s creation, be it past city street gardens or, for those lucky people with woods or rivers or nature close by, the real outdoors! Go out and enjoy! Maybe you and a friend can keep each other encouraged and walking.

  4. I’m afraid I’m that American … so my solution is to walk indoors while playing a Walk Away the Pounds Video …

    As for refreshing, I always feel refreshed after a road trip. Our road trips always include a time of enjoying nature outdoors – preferably near a body of water, and hopefully under a shade tree with a breeze. I always feel better after seeings the beauties the Master has created.

  5. Gorgeous flowers, Ellen, and your deck looks like such a great place to relax. I make so many excuses for not exercising. The heat and cold are just two of my excuses. laurie

  6. I always have such great intentions to get up early and go for a walk but then the morning comes. I am so not a morning person. I personally love to bike ride. And btw, your deck is a refreshing looking place to sit and read or visit!

  7. Saw my doc today. One of three things he wanted to talk to me about today was exercise and he said, “walk 30 minutes at least three times a week.” Now, if he cares about my health, I should too. Is that enough motivation for me to get going? It hasn’t worked yet, but hopefully I will start this week. We know it’s so good for us, and it’s so easy to do.

    • Marla, I’m thinking it’s another one of those things that we just need to set out to do and make it a habit instead of just thinking about it. Thanks for the encouragement.

  8. Your flowers are lovely, Ellen .. especially your lily … the local bucks ate all my lily buds that were about to bloom . Took the ‘dear’ out of ‘deer’ !! . I like to walk our local trails or the 25 minute walk to my kids. I do it when my joints allow !!

  9. Being in the garden in the early morning refreshes me. I love the light, the cool gentle breezes, the quiet. My usual routine is leaping out of the house and into the car for the 45 minute commute. Listening to sermon podcasts refreshes my mind on the way to work.

    As for walking, I’m pretty lousy at it since I usually want to get home and start dinner. So I’m taking up Sara’s idea and putting my elliptical machine to use.

  10. Your deck area garden is great Ellen!
    I just realized that I used to walk because I loved to take photo of what I saw. When I got my DSLR camera I kind of stopped walking. The camera was too heavy and my pocket camera didn’t take the quality of photos I was now used to.
    Think I may need to upgrade my pocket camera choice and get back into walking!

    • Jill, Another option is a good strap that doesn’t tug down on your neck. I can walk with my big camera with my expensive comfortable strap that is designed for a woman’s body to straddle the girls comfortably…

  11. I am motivated to walk by the fact that it keeps me healthy. I don’t like to take meds and walking keeps that at bay. It helps bones, blood presure, muscle strength and many other things. We also have a nice road to walk on and a path around a nearby golf club. All that said…it is still a push to go…no matter what. Guilt gets me out the door many days. :).
    Your flowers are beautiful! The contrast of colors are spirited and happy!

  12. Beautiful pictures! As for walking, most days my husband and I take our son out for a walk after he gets home from work. We walk about 1- 1.5 miles. On the weekend we walk 3 miles at least one of the days. In the winter we bundle up and in the summer we put on sunscreen and hats. The rain is the only thing that stops us usually. Though a light drizzle is nice to walk in on hot days. We often make goals with our walks like to the post office to get the mail or to the library to exchange books.

  13. DH and I used to walk together all the time, but when he had a stroke at 53, that ended that. It isn’t the same, so I don’t walk as often as I should.
    Your patio looks lovely! Your new header is wonderful, so pretty!

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