Count Them!

Here are my five blooming blessings for Susanne’s Friday’s Fave Five!


1. I got to enjoy 5 Peony blooms from my plant this year. Last year I only had two! Peonies really delight me.


2. Dear returned safely from his business trip to France and we enjoyed a relaxed Father’s Day weekend.


3. After non-stop activity for a few months we had a very slow uneventful week and that was good as we head into a flurry of prep work to replace all of our floors by the end of July.


4. Last Saturday my sister and I went on a garden tour in a neighboring city and enjoyed lots of wrong turns and laughter.  A post is still coming about that morning…


5. Lots of good talks on the phone with our grown children this week. Our daughter and son-in-law are anticipating lots of changes over the next several months and it was good to be able to listen to all the possibilities and help them in the “waiting”.  We are starting to get real excited about our plans for our England trip with our oldest son and DIL. We were waiting on the Premier League “Fixtures” to be released and now we can plan in earnest. (Fixtures are the teams schedules for the coming season) Now we are hoping we can actually get some tickets for the game we want to go to. Our son Dan is doing well on the other side of the mountains and that makes us happy.

Yesterday we had a solid day of rain. We are hoping for some dry time this weekend for some of our scheduled projects. Today is the first day of summer and looking out my window it’s hard to believe that. We joke around in the northwest that summer doesn’t really start up here until July 5th! Do you have some fun summer plans?

About Ellen am a wife, mother, baba (grandmother) and a loyal friend. Jesus is my King and my hope is in my future with Him.

16 thoughts on “Count Them!

  1. \well now, I’m sure you enjoyed that slow week. You’ve been busy as a beaver with the MGs!

    Your peony is lovely. Mine are the same colour – they should be blooming in about a week or so.

    A trip to England? Wish I could join you and go see my boy and dil!

    Happy weekend Ellen – hope you get some sun!

  2. Lovely peonies. I think they are so beautiful – all frilly and feminine. We had a solid day of rain yesterday, too, but today is dry, so far. Enjoy your planning!

  3. Hi Ellen – I just checked the link you have for me and that looks fine. What feed are you using? I shifted to Feedly because Google Reader is phasing out on July 1st. I actually like Feedly better.

  4. Beautiful shots of your pink peonies (one of my most favourite blooms). Glad you had some downtime and hope the sunshine comes your way real soon. We are in Grande Prairie, Alberta and this first day of summer is a scorcher – so lovely!!! It stays light here till almost midnight!

  5. Not really. I’ll be like you and enjoy the simple pleasures of five peonies over two. They certainly are a beautiful shade of pink. I love mine, too, and think that I’ll have to have some more. I have an empty spot waiting for something.

    It must be fun getting ready for the new floors…NOT. I have spent several days this week cleaning and preparing for new tenants after John has done all the rebuilding and repainting and replacing. I’m exhausted.

  6. It’s hard to bring peonies inside around here. Ants seem to take up residence in them. I would like to add new colors to our gardens. So much anticipation in your world.

  7. so glad for you that your week was slower! I love peonies too but one of my bushes took a beating in a bad rainstorm we had last week. I was glad I had cut some blooms for my deck vase before that happened!! Yay for hearing from your adult children and for making plans! I hope you enjoy the start of summer!

  8. Peonies are one of my favorites too. My poor bushes though, don’t seem to produce much since being moved years ago. I think I have them in too shady a spot.

    An uneventful week is a good thing once in a while. Glad you could get that in before the major renovations coming up at your place.

  9. WOW! Those peonies would definitely make my faves if they were growing in my garden! Beautiful ruffles, Ellen. Your garden tour sounds delightful — can’t wait to hear more about that.

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