Five Amazing Things…

I have time this Friday to join in with Susanne at Living to Tell the Story for Friday’s Fave Five! It’s been awhile and it will probably be a couple weeks before I can join in again.

This is a post about amazing things. The most amazing thing is that Jesus Christ laid down his perfect life to save all who are lost in their own sin. I was lost in myself and now I see how big my God is and how he saved me with His perfection…Jesus Christ.

Our son Dan sent me this photo from his yard over the internet. Amazing things…beautiful lilac, a lovely butterfly and the internet where I can enjoy this photo minutes after our son took it from 6 hours driving distance away!

Amazing how time flies! Weren’t we just celebrating Christmas!? Here we are on the brink of June!

It’s amazing to me that we are planning a trip to Great Britain in September with our son and his dear wife. Their first time, Dear and my 6th time together. Very excited to see England on our son and daughter in law’s terms. Each of our children are different and England holds so much to see to cover each of their particular interests. With Katie it was mostly literary, Tolkien, C.S. Lewis, Jane Austen. With Josh it has to include Soccer! Laura and I will push for the quaint and lovely and probably a play or musical to enjoy…

Last amazing thing is related to our daughter’s literary interests. We found this Christmas card/offer from Dear to our Katie to read a book out loud to her when she was 3. She turned 4 just after Christmas that year and asked Dear to read her The Hobbit. He read it out loud to her and she recalls the fact that he used several different voices for the different characters in the book. Dear bought this copy of The Hobbit on one of his trips to England in the early 70’s. Our Katie to this day is the most interested in reading and enjoys several literary styles. The card had an expiration date on it added by her dad and Katie crossed it out and added the “Not expirable”. Katie is quite amazing as she was reading and understanding a wide vocabulary at a very early age.

I’m so looking forward to catching up with all the FFF participants and seeing what’s new in your worlds…

About Ellen am a wife, mother, baba (grandmother) and a loyal friend. Jesus is my King and my hope is in my future with Him.

19 thoughts on “Five Amazing Things…

  1. Looks like you have some amazing things to conquer while out there and I love how you said on terms with your children. What an amazing adventure…Yes, soccer would be high on my list too. What an exciting trip to plan.

  2. You pack a lot into a short post, Ellen.
    One of the best gifts we can give our children is the love of reading. Your Katie will never feel bored or lonely in an airport or train station if she has a book!

  3. Ohh .. LOVE your ‘amazing’ post !
    I agree that reading to your kids from an early age is important ! Some of my best memories and my daughter’s are the many many books we shared together as I read aloud to her !
    Question : How come you get to go to England 6 times when I haven’t even been once ????

  4. Amazing indeed!! The Hobbit is one of our favourite books too. We even named our first dog Frodo!! A great trip to look forward to – wow!

  5. What a lovely lilac picture!! I am so envious of your trip…your daughter and I share interests, and it sounds amazing. What fun! Great to have you with us this week.

  6. LOVE the photos especially the lilac and the card/book. And YAY for that trip. I”m a bit jealous my self because BOTH my daughters and I would love to go to England for various literary reasons. (me for Austin and Lewis, my husband for Shakespeare and Tolkien, and both daughters for all of them.). My husband worked in England for about 6 months in 1997/1998 but i’ve never been. Oh how i wish we could have fit it in when we did Paris…maybe some day!! Have fun with your planning!!

  7. I’ve never read the Hobbit. Am I missing something? That trip to England will be so much fun! I’d love to go to Europe. As soon as my H’s time permits, I guess. =) It would not be fun to go alone.

  8. Wow, the Hobbit at 4. I am in awe of the wisdom God has given man with all this technology. Opening the world to all of us through shared lives and images. Lovely post about amazing things.

  9. I hope you will have such a good weather in the UK as we had ! 7 days sunshine, only two were rainy ! The tour we made was absolutely great !

  10. Such sweet things you share. Oh and that your darling bought that vintage book for his little girl so long ago…not expirable…can he expect to be called into oral reading again one day?

  11. Welcome back to FFF!
    It is amazing that you get to return to England again! Only a little jealous 🙂 Will Josh and Laura still want to see Oxford? Salisbury is BIG on soccer 🙂 and there’s a beautiful cathedral there. Just sayin’.
    LOVE that butterfly photo. And yes, what would we do now without our instant access to our kids?

  12. Wonderful that you see amazement in the profound as well as the simple things in life! I’d like to go to England one day. Hubby not interested, so I will have to find a traveling buddy!

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