Mixing It Up!

Hope you aren’t tired of tulips! Today I’m sharing the variegated and mixed up tulips. We have had rain, rain and more rain this weekend. Finally on Sunday afternoon we got some blue skies and sunshine!

We had some fun news this weekend. Our nephew Caleb asked his sweetheart Marie to marry him. Looks like our family will be having another wedding celebration come August! Reasons to celebrate are the theme of this year!

A friend of Caleb and Marie was hiding out to take this photo and others of this fun moment.

Congratulations on your engagement Caleb and Marie!

Anything new in your neck of the woods?

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13 thoughts on “Mixing It Up!

  1. Are you kiddin’ me??!?!?! I could NEVER tire of tulips!!!!!! I just LOVE all the brilliant colors!!! I just have never considered that tulips were grown en masse like this! I don’t know WHY I didn’t consider it, but that’s the truth. To stand in front of rows and rows of these must have just been overwhelming to your senses!!!

    Sweet photo of the proposal and the newly-engaged couple! Congrats to them!

    New in my neck of the woods: We actually had SUNSHINE today!!!! 🙂

  2. Congratulations to Caleb and Marie!

    Your tulip photos are delightful! It is always amazing to see such vast fields of colorful flowers. I don’t think the Denver area will see one tulip this spring –more snow is on the way!

  3. What a touching engagement moment, and photo. Isn’t it amazing how those tall men are attracted to tiny women? They make a very sweet couple.
    Your tulip pictures are always welcome Ellen as I don’t think we’ll be getting down to Mt Vernon this year. So thank you for sharing their beauty with us.

  4. Well I definitely had my favorite picture this time. So gorgeous. That is so cool that someone hid out to take the engagement picture.

  5. Such a neat engagement photo! And yippee for another (beautiful, family) wedding! I loved seeing the “mix up” of the tulips. Yesterday a friend stopped by and we had tea. She was wearing a new outfit she found in LaConner — a side trip of her trip to the tulip fields last week-end. It was charming! (See my blog for a peek).

  6. I am excited that my purple tulips are shining and I just pulled out my chairs and can enjoy reading these blogs outside in the sun. Wonderful color and congrats to your Caleb & Marie.

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