Both Old But Very Different…

The finale to my Monumentale Cemetery photos are all from a indoor portion called the Hall of Fame. I’m also sharing a link to a post Lovella shared on her blog yesterday about her visit to my old house.

You can see Lovella’s behind the scenes shots of my old house by clicking here.

Yes…the ceiling was that blue!

This was one of the very few images we saw of the risen Christ.

Another week is flying by at this old house.  A free calendar has been a blessing. It has been interesting making plans for a 90th birthday party for my folks from 1200 miles away. Our 70 or so guests will just have to be flexible along with the party planner! Since most of those 70 are related to the guests of honor the pressure is minimal. How’s your week going?

About Ellen am a wife, mother, baba (grandmother) and a loyal friend. Jesus is my King and my hope is in my future with Him.

13 thoughts on “Both Old But Very Different…

  1. That is beautiful and the colors with the blue are delightfully complementary. There’s nothing modern about cobalt blue and orange.

    Have fun planning that party! Is Pinterest helping?

  2. Oh my. I think I would have trouble walking away, there seems to be so much to take in there…beautiful. And WOW…I love cobalt blue. That is a stunning interior.

  3. Wow…that IS blue! Electric!!!!!! It’s funny how a place like this doesn’t hold any of the “creep factor” that some cemeteries do. It is just a beautiful place to reflect and remember. The monuments, the walls, the ceilings, the floors….all awesome!

  4. Stunning to say the least! I loved seeing the pictures of your “old” beautiful home and seeing you in your element – or is that Ellenement? Have fun planning your party – what a great celebration that will be!

  5. The cobalt blue pieces in the ceiling are stunning and complement the softer palette of the stones and mosaics. What a beautiful place to visit.
    I’m glad you’ve had a good week – hope the celebration planning goes well.

  6. Beautiful…love the colors! Oh my, 90 years…that is something to celebrate! We have our grandboy visiting for a couple of days while he is on spring break. So, we are having fun…playing hard! 🙂

  7. I always think of the many, many hands that went into creating such a place. Beautiful. Will some of the related guests for your parents’ party be bringing something to help you? That would be nice!

  8. Wow! How did they make the ceiling so BLUE??

    Happy Birthday to your parents!

    My week’s teaching is done so now I am focusing on other things until next Wednesday 🙂

  9. More gorgeous shots – I love the one of the shadows in the gallery.
    If anyone can plan a gala for 70 from 1200 miles away I’m pretty sure that someone is you!

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