Over the Top…

Monumentale Cemetery in Milan, Italy is hands down the most over the top cemetery I’ve been to yet. I’m breaking down the photos I show into categories. I’ve already shown you a few like the last supper sculpture. This post will be all about angels…

In general I feel angels are depicted too mellow and sweet. I like this one for it’s more rugged style and many more of the sculptures we saw at this cemetery.

Looking at all these statues reminds me of the Amy Grant Song from a few years ago, Angels Watching Over Me.

Got his angels watching over me, every move I make,

Angels watching over me!

Angels watching over me, every step I take,

Angels watching over me!

Now from the past to the present…

Lovella from Mennonite Girls Can Cook and What Matters Most along with her dear husband were camping for one night in our neck of the woods on their way home from Cannon Beach so we were able to get together for breakfast at this old house on Sunday morning. What a fun treat to have them in our home for the first time. I did not take one photo. Can you believe that!? I guess I was just too excited. We had blintzes with fruit topping, bacon, sausages, coffee, and fresh orange juice with maybe some champagne in it. I’m not telling.  Here’s a photo of what the table looked like after the fact…

I have a couple of weeks of quiet on my calendar. The end of April really heats up into May. Hope your week ahead is a good one. Blessings.

Oh and while I’m thinking of it head over to our MGCC blog on Monday to get the recipe for Aebleskivers!

About Ellenhttps://happywonderer.com/I am a wife, mother, baba (grandmother) and a loyal friend. Jesus is my King and my hope is in my future with Him.

15 thoughts on “Over the Top…

  1. The angels are beautiful! And I have an aebleskiver pan that I’ve never used, so I think I need to come get your recipe!

  2. I never miss a chance to walk through an old cemetery and wonder what stories could be told about the people there. I so appreciate your photos.

  3. Those were quite the collection of angels. When our girls were little the pastor of our church really disliked the cutesy cherub angels. He always said HIS angels were big burly, strong types, swords drawn! That’s all that comes to my mind anymore. lol.

  4. I liked seeing the Milan angel sculpture and monuments. I loved the ones I saw in the historical cemetery I did volunteer work at in Brooklyn, NY, and one of my favorites was a male angel that looked very strong and mighty!

    How nice it must have been to have Lovella and her husband for brunch! Your menu sounded delicious and your table looked pretty –i love the basket of pansies.

  5. What a great collection of Angel pictures – they would make a great Angel Collage.! So nice that you could visit with Lovella and her husband in your home. I’m sure your food and fellowship were wonderful! Enjoy your “quiet” week before all the busyness begins…. Heading over to check out your recipe today!

  6. Truly, the way angels in the Bible behave, they don’t seem to be mellow and sweet creatures. I don’t remember seeing many angels in cemeteries — maybe they just weren’t my type and I didn’t notice them! Anyway, I am really pleased that you shared these with us.

  7. If anyone deserves a couple of weeks of quiet, you certainly do!

    Of those times without a camera…the sweetest! It sounds like a fun morning perhaps made more so by the addition or not of champagne to the orange juice.

    Beautiful statuary…I am waiting for the day when an angel is correctly represented. Unlikely to ever see that as I’m sure leaving off those wings would take all the fun out of it. Ha!

  8. GORGEOUS!!!!!!!! Looking at these beautiful statues just made me get very quiet and still.

    Enjoy your time of rest and relaxation. You guys just buzz all over the place….you deserve some down time to just “be”!!!! 🙂

  9. I can’t help wondering how those cemetery angels you photographed got their robes on over those wings! We do tend to portray angels in our own image don’t we. I know if we ever saw a real angel, we’d probably fall on our faces or faint from fear at the sight of such a fearsomely glorious creature, so different from ourselves.

  10. Ack! Dr Who has ruined angel statues for me! If you, the cemetery aficionado that you are, say its over the top, then that’s really saying something! 😉

  11. How fun…that you had the campers there for breakfast. Love your ‘after’ tablescape…with the lilac/green combination. Your blintzes sound yummy as well!

    Great photos from the cemetery in Milan.

  12. How nice that Lovella and Terry came by for breakfast!

    and great shots from the Milan cemetery – very different from our plain Presbyterian one 🙂

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