Primrose Delight!

On the first Tuesday of the month Fred Meyer Stores offer a 10% discount to anyone 55 and older for a variety of products sold in their store. I enjoy taking advantage of these simple perks. Pretty primrose varieties called out to me  with thoughts about a Valentine Day tablescape. I also bought some bird seed  for the upcoming GBCC ~ Great Backyard Bird Count. I think I found a purse that will hold my camera and travel documents for our upcoming trip to Milan, too.

When I got home I decided to take photos of the flowers in the lovely sunshine. An hour after I took these photos the clouds and rain rolled in.

Our little piece of property used to be part of a larger piece of property with a nursery on it called Primrose Acres. This information is from word of mouth (not documented) from an old gardener down the road from us. I choose to believe it and like the idea that my little part of the world had such a charming name in the past.

What’s going on in your corner of the world? This is a quiet week here except for our tax prep appointment but we never know what each new day may bring our way…

About Ellen am a wife, mother, baba (grandmother) and a loyal friend. Jesus is my King and my hope is in my future with Him.

24 thoughts on “Primrose Delight!

  1. Oh I love it when houses have names. Are you going to make it official then? And I really like your rows of primroses. Will you plant them? Yesterday, I found two primroses on my dining room table. Apparently, John had found some and couldn’t decided between the pink and the purple. They certainly are pretty and cheerful and some of the first harbingers of spring. Ohhhh,,,Milan…wonderful.

  2. I love primrose, but I havent seen any around here yet..Spring is truly coming to your house… Im assuming yuoure on the west coast.. perhaps it will finally reach across country! Enjoy!

  3. That bit of area history would be enough to inspire primrose paths all over your garden. Love primroses!
    Our supermarket is part of the Fred Meyer family; I think I will ask why your stores get the senior discount and we don’t.
    My world is full of tasks and situations that are making me anxious. Spending extra time in prayer. 🙂

  4. Oh my, how pretty. We are so far from green anything around here. If we don’t start getting moisture in some form I may not be buying flowers this year….this drought is bad. That will be a sad Spring so I will enjoy even more traveling the blogging world to see flowers and green! This is like a breath of fresh air, beautiful shots out in the sunshine. You have lots of rain and we have lots of sunshine….wish we could share.

    Hubby had a BIZARRE adventure trying to fly home from a business trip last night so I am feeling MOST grateful this morning that he is home and safe. A disturbed woman tried to board the small jet he was to fly home on and dealing with her was touchy. They finally managed to distract her and the pilots and hubby and his 5 other passengers snuck on the plane and they got it closed up and taxied off before she noticed. Poor ground staff that had to deal with her. Just thankful she wasn’t on the plane when she started having troubles. We’re looking forward to traveling to my parents and meet up with my brother and his wife for a few days. It is supposed to be 60 today….so very unusual. Joy to your day!

  5. It looks like springtime in Seattle! We have Tuesday ’55 plus discount’ days at a few stores over here as well…and I always try to avoid them because of the crowds. Maybe it’s time I changed my tune!

  6. Primrose Acres is such a pretty name and the flowers are like a breath of Spring! Can you actually plant them already?
    We named our farm Thistleton (our kennel name for our first Cairn Terrier named Thistle) – doesn’t paint quite as pretty a picture as Primrose!?
    Ah yes, Milan to look forward to…..

  7. You should have a sign made and placed on your front wall that says “Primrose Acres” or “Primrose Cottage” and plant primroses all over the front garden 🙂

  8. Houses with names always appeal to me. I’ve thought of naming ours, but can’t think of anything I really like. Primrose Acres is lovely. As are the primroses on your table. Such beautiful harbingers of spring!
    Milan! How wonderful. You must be so excited! Will there be a new recipe section on MGCC? – Mennonite Girls Cook Italian!

  9. I’ll turn 55 in June, and I’m going to take advantage of EVERY 55+ deal out there!!! Right on to you for doing that! Those are beautiful flowers!!! I’m sure we can’t put anything in the ground here for another 3 months. We can get snow in April around these parts, so it’s always better to err on the side of caution. 🙂

  10. So pretty Ellen – primula (which are the same as primroses or at least in the same family I think) were the first indoor plants that actually lived for me 🙂 Then I planted them outside and they’re still going strong.

    Love your family banner!!

  11. Every year i buy primroses and enjoy them in pots on the veranda and around the drive. At the end of the season I plant them out in the beds. The survive the heat of summer and the odd late spring freeze and come back, faithfully, to give me colour at this dull time of year. They are the cheeriest sight! I think you should have a sign made for your front door or for your garden gate ‘Primrose House’.

  12. Lovely flowers! Our neighborhood was called Dogwood Park when it was developed back in the 50’s because there were so many dogwood trees. Many have been lost due to droughts, We have two in our yard…and I love them!

  13. we just got tulips in the flower department, no primrose yet. Have you ever made a primrose wreath for the front door? Yes, a living wreath…it’s a pain in the neck to take it down and water it every couple days, but it sure is stunning! I think you are much wiser going with the valentines tablescape…can hardly wait to see what you do with it!

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