Grace Challenge Continues

The Grace Challenge continues and I am thankful to God that I can enjoy soccer with our son and daughter in law!

The Seattle Sounders won their game tonight which means they’ll be going to the Western Conference Finals against L.A. Galaxy. We are so excited here in Seattle.

On Thursday I was able to mow the lawn because we’ve had a couple dry days. It really was mostly mowing leaves and I filled every bin we have. We are going to have to buy those yard waste bags that Home Depot sells to pick up the rest of the leaves.  Friday is going to be cold around here with the high in the 40’s. It’s clear and cold and beautiful. Hows the end of your week going?

Speaking of the Grace Challenge this guest post was really good to read today!

About Ellen am a wife, mother, baba (grandmother) and a loyal friend. Jesus is my King and my hope is in my future with Him.

6 thoughts on “Grace Challenge Continues

  1. Oh, I like that photo of you and your DIL. Funny that you should mention mowing on your dry days. Roomie just said tonight that she won’t be able to mow since we’ve got rain!

  2. I love the “Grace Challenge” idea! I am thankful to have the day off today – a day to get some housework finished, go for a cool crisp walk, enjoy a leisurely cup of tea and meet some friends for pizza tonight!! Life is good.

  3. The love of soccer is huge around here. I don’t know how good our professional team is but they say the crowd size is growing. We’re ending the week in the mid 70’s. I looked at the weather for Sunday and was so confused…..65 in the morning and then dropping into the 30’s with rain. I thought they had switched the morning and afternoon temps…some typo. Our oldest daughter LOVES to take the pruning shears to trees and bushes so I think we will do some pruning tomorrow. Hubby is home after a week of traveling so all feels settled around here. Our yard will love all the leaves getting mulched. I need to get some grass seed out this week as well. I’m still not used to the idea that its November. Have a grand weekend!

  4. I,ve become a fan of Manchester United…I have really come to enjoy soccer and would love to see my youngest play soccer. I bought him the net and ball.
    It,s fun to be able to share sporting events.

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