Summer Vacation #1

After our 3 day escape to Eastern Washington Dear decided to do this on his remaining days off…

He removed the old siding. Added new plywood where needed along with new tar paper. He hopes to get to the new siding installation this weekend.

You always find unexpected things when you work on an older house. The job is never straight forward. I’m glad he’s still smiling.

In the meantime I’m finding other things to enjoy like these flowers at Country Village in Bothell.

I’m not sure how much I’ll be sharing here during the rest of August. I’m contemplating a break for now. If something interesting happens I might post.

Dear has another week off at the end of August. I’m hoping he gets this siding project done before then. It just depends on the weather during upcoming weekends.

Do you still have vacation to look forward to?

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7 thoughts on “Summer Vacation #1

  1. Life is one big chore unless we take the time, which we certainly are at liberty to do. We seldom do, though. I think you two are the masters of combining work and play and vacations and commitments. All the best on the siding job!

  2. Awww – what a handy guy! I know what you mean about older homes – never know what you’ll run into when renovating. Beautiful flowers.

  3. Wow…I wish my husband knew how to do stuff like that! We always have to call “the guy” to take care of these kinds of things. Of course, “the guy” charges an arm and a leg whereas I’m sure your husband will gladly finish the job in exchange for his favorite dessert! I understand why you’d want to take a little break. I know I certainly needed one earlier this summer. Enjoy your time away, but don’t stay away too long!

  4. What a guy!!! Know you both will be happy when he is done. We are about to start a big project…exciting but I know it will involve some stress as well. Enjoy your break, but know that you will be missed! 🙂

  5. Kinda hard to snuggle up to a keyboard when being outside is so great. See ya in blogdom when “too good not to share” happens!

  6. Yes, Ellen! We have the last week of August off too but, before then, Andy has Monday and Tuesday of next week off. Andy is like your Dear, and saves us a bundle by doing so many jobs around the house himself. I am so thankful for his handiness!

  7. Beautiful flowers. I will be praying that the weather holds out for Mr. B!

    As for breaks – won’t till our scheduled mini breaks in mid Sept, early Oct and early Nov… and then it will be Christmas, yikes!

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