Good Things Come…

…to those who wait.

Ever since we moved back to Washington from California I have been hoping that a HomeGoods store would open in our state. This past Sunday we had 2 stores open in the Puget Sound area, one in Lynnwood and Federal Way. Dear and I were a little wiped out on Sunday so we didn’t leave the house but on Monday I felt alive again and headed north to HomeGoods with a list in my hand.

I bought several things that we will decide about keeping or not. HomeGoods has a good return policy…

These three pieces will be mounted on the garage wall that I face from the kitchen sink. It adds a lot of interest to a big boring surface.

These wall planters will be easier to see once they are mounted.

While I was outside I took some photos of sections of our deck.

As you can see we don’t have real bright sunny skies even though it’s summer. We are hoping for a nice 4th of July this year. Time will tell. We are having our annual 4th of July barbecue so it would be nice to be comfortable on the deck. What are your plans for the 4th?

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17 thoughts on “Good Things Come…

  1. Hooray! You finally got one near you!!!!!!! Well, TWO! Double hooray!!! You’ve already bought some really nice stuff as I see from the photos, and you are going to go NUTS in there!!! I just can’t stay away! Your deck looks really nice. I noticed it right away. I couldn’t tell if that was paint or stain, but it looks great. I have never visited the NW area of our country, but I hear it’s beautiful there. I would gladly send you some of the constant sunshine we’ve been getting here in the Kansas City, MO area if I could!!! It is SO hot here….upper 90s and forecasting 100+ later in the week. We could use some rain! As for 4th of July, no plans yet. Waiting to see how hot it’s going to be! Have a great week, and congratulations on getting your long-awaited Home Goods store!!!

  2. Yay for HomeGoods! Don’t go too often. You and your Dear don’t want to declare bankruptcy any time soon. I can’t believe that I was in HomeGoods town last week and forgot to visit the store and when I’m specifically looking for an outdoor stand, too. Gheesh. Thanks for reminding me. I really like all the pieces that you found and if you don’t care for one later, you can always return or gift it. Your deck does look as if it needs a spot of sun. Mine, too. I’ll pray for good 4th of July weather. It’s either that or we’ll be partying in the garage.

  3. I would be happy to have a Home Goods store here! We do have a TJ Maxx which is part of the same family and they have some neat home decor items. I have a question…what is your deck made of? Sure looks lovely! We are headed to the beach for our family vacation on the 7th, so I don’t think we will have very big plans on the 4th. I hope you have a pretty day for your BBQ!

  4. My friend in San Diego took me to a huge HomeGoods store recently – amazing stuff! I need to look for one locally, as I am sure they exist somewhere.

  5. Your “treasures” look wonderful Ellen! Wish we had that store here in Ontario! I know I’d love it! Your varied pots looks so great and remind me of the front porches in Holland when we visited there.

    I love that you are making the Rumtopf…..let me know how you get along with it. I will try to do a quick post every time I add fruit – this will be such fun to do it together!

  6. love all the pieces you got, especially for the garage wall for you to look at! I have never in a Home Goods store (or even seen one except for on TV :-\)

  7. Your outdoor space continues to reflect the charm and welcoming spirit of you and Dear. The additional artistic elements are great! We have the same store right next to a Tuesday Morning store. If I wasn’t already deeply addicted now to acquiring Japanese maple, hostas, columbine, fern, coral bell and just about every other kind of shade living plant made by God I’d be buying regularly at Home Goods too. Their stuff is the best!

  8. Well even if good ole Seattle has a dreary 4th, at least you aren’t facing what Andrew and I may be…driving to Florida in the midst of Tropical Storm Debby! Oi!

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