Mosaic Monday ~ Signs of Spring…

Oh how I love my Lenten Rose (thank you Beth). Look at those buds springing up!

I’m having to re-fill the bird feeder a lot these days because of all my little and sometimes big visitors!

We’ve had a nice relaxing weekend just messing about the house. We washed some screens. Dear did some patching and some painting. We moved some wall art around. I finished a project I started a while back which involved re-purposing and organizing.

Today we met up with Josh and Laura and had lunch at a new spot which I’ll blog about later. Good times just being together. Hope you had a nice weekend.

Linking up for Mosaic Monday with Mary at Little Red House. If you haven’t visited her you are missing out on some very nice photography…

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26 thoughts on “Mosaic Monday ~ Signs of Spring…

  1. Your Lenten Roses make me excited for Spring—-they’re lovely. Hope you post a new pic when they’re in full bloom! There’s nothing poking up around here yet.

  2. We’ve had such a nice day today, too! I love the photos you took of the sweet birds! We are enjoying so many at our feeders every day! I wish I could get better photos through the windows! ♥

  3. My lenten roses are not up as much as yours. Glad you had a relaxing weekend and hope you have a wonderful week:)

  4. Your Lenten roses are beautiful. I do not think I have seen them before. Just gorgeous. And I love the sweet birds. Lovely photos! I hope you have a great week ahead.

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