We were just thinking…we should have taken that gazebo cover down before this storm. As the temps rose the snow and ice started melting and we saw the cover sagging. We went out to try to knock the snow off the cover and the cover crashed down on top of us. Sure wish we had footage of that…

Here’s the cover before it’s demise…


Well don’t be sad, we’re not. We’ve been planning to replace our gazebo and cover for a year now and this will light the fire under us to decide on it’s replacement. We need something with more cover area. It’s raining steadily now and the snow is slowly melting. All the ice pack on the trees and bushes has melted and the poor plants and trees are relieved that they can stand straight and tall again.

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19 thoughts on “CRASH!

  1. I’m glad you weren’t hurt when it fell on top of you! So now you’ll have the fun of choosing another gazebo for next year; I’m glad that was in the plan already so the loss of this one isn’t a disappointment.

  2. We’ve still got a lot of heavy snow on the trees and now high winds are called for. I’m filling the pots with water!
    I’m so glad you weren’t hurt when the gazebo came tumbling down.

  3. Oh dear!
    I have replaced my cover 3 times! The wood frame held up much longer than we thought it would. It is 10 yrs old, got it at Sams Club.
    Do you have a source to replace it?

  4. Oh you poor Pacific West Coasters. I was just reading Vicki’s at Turkey Feathers and the troubles they’ve had. Hope this weather system subsides and stops being so capricious.

  5. Well glad no one was taken down with it. Hehehe…might have been funny to see in slow motion. I’m envisioning using those corner metal posts in the yard in some way….hmmmm.

  6. Uh Oh! Glad you weren’t enjoying a winter picnic out there! Your weather has moved north and we are in the throes of it as I write this. We’ve decided to suspend our walks in the woods for a bit…just in case.

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