Celtic Prayer

Lord of my heart, give me vision to inspire me, that, working or resting, I may always think of you.
Lord of my heart, give me light to guide me, that, at home or abroad, I may always walk with you.
Lord of my heart, give me wisdom to direct me, that, thinking or acting, I may always discern right from wrong.
Lord of my heart, give me courage to strengthen me, that, amongst friends or enemies, I may always proclaim your justice.
Lord of my heart, give me trust to console me, that, hungry or well-fed, I may always rely on your mercy.
Lord of my heart, save me from empty praise, that I may always boast of you.
Lord of my heart, save me from worldly wealth, that I may always look to the riches of heaven.
Lord of my heart, save me from military prowess, that I may always seek your protection.
Lord of my heart, save me from vain knowledge, that I may always study your word.
Lord of my heart, Save me from unnatural pleasures, that I may always find joy in your wonderful creation.
Lord of my heart, whatever may befall me, rule over my thoughts and feelings, my words and action.

I thought this was a good prayer to start the New Year off with.

Hope you all had a safe and satisfying year end. I’ll be taking some photos of our accomplishments over the past several days. I’m kicking myself for forgetting the before shots. What kind of blogger am I? Possibly a tired one. We are in the process of transforming daughter’s room to guest room #2. Since all our kids have left the nest we figure it’s good to have a place for them to nest for the night when they come to visit. We also moved several large pieces of furniture around to make things more open. Yikes, we moved the piano. We took out some very large speakers (which son #2 has claimed) and replaced them with smaller ones that fit our smaller spaces. We’ll be picking up some new queen sized mattresses later this week and when I have the new bed made I’ll take photos and show you all the changes. We tidied up the yard and the garage, too. We did all this before Monday! So glad Dear has another day at home so he can recover before he’s back to work. Today I’m going to watch the Rose Parade and the Rose Bowl game and sneak a trip in to Goodwill to take all the stuff we sorted out..

So what have y’all be doing?

About Ellenhttps://happywonderer.com/I am a wife, mother, baba (grandmother) and a loyal friend. Jesus is my King and my hope is in my future with Him.

10 thoughts on “Celtic Prayer

  1. OY…moving stuff is so fun but is hard. Hard until I got some of those floor sliders. I can move furniture all by myself with them. Round 2 of purging begins for me tomorrow. So funny, it took me almost 4 years to realize that I could do whatever I wanted with our oldest daughters room. I LOVED being able to store MY stuff in her closet…wait, my closet, our closet, the guest closet. I’ve been up past midnight the last 3 nights with our girls home. I didn’t know I had it in me. Hope your day with hubby is restful! Happy day!

  2. We’ve been in a flurry of activity with visits from children and grands. Today I’m curled up in hubbys comfy chair, contemplating whether or not to clean up the mess or to sit awhile…

    PS: this is the first time in a while that I’ve been successful in having my comments to your blog accepted…it’s been very difficult to enter my name in the fields below. I have been reading…honest!

  3. Wonderful prayer for a new year. I have been watching the Rose Bowl parade some and reading blogs some. Can’t say that I was over the moon impressed with anything this year. I can still remember floats from former years.

    Oh I have a trunk load of bags going to the Goodwill and I am just kicking myself that I didn’t do it at the end of last week when I could have claimed them for taxes. Now it’ll be another year. Oh well…that’s what procrastination gets me. In my defense, the weather was icy and rainy last week. This week it’s beautifully and unseasonably warm.

    Have fun re-creating those spaces. I’m sure that mama and papa’s house will always be fun to return to and especially with new mattresses!

  4. The prayer is beautiful, and so are those photos in the mosaic. Sounds like you’ve been working hard. I look forward to seeing the finished room. laurie

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