The Joys of Autumn…

A walk about the yard revealed some lovely fall color this week. Jenny at Alphabe-Thursday threw down the Fall challenge. This is the last Thursday to join in the fun so click over and leave a link.

One of the things that brings me joy in Autumn are the changing brilliant color on bushes and trees. The photos above are of our Dogwood tree and our blueberry bush.

Our Asian Maple which is more of a bush than a tree.

Sadly I forgot the name of this tree. It looks like a Golden Rain Tree. Part of the year its a brilliant green and at other parts of the year it has crackly pods on it. It really is flaming nicely right now.

Do you enjoy raking leaves? I usually vacuum them up with the lawnmower! I enjoy watching the leaves fall.

Papa Murphy’s is selling this Jack O’ Lantern pizza right now and I caved and bought one. Isn’t it cute?

Comfort foods and wonderful soups are way up there on my I like Autumn list. I also enjoy sweaters and coats.

What are some of your Autumn favorites?

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24 thoughts on “The Joys of Autumn…

  1. LOVE that Japanese Maple. We have a different variety…but I’ve always loved the feathery one. Gorgeous colors around here this year although there are very few leaves left on the trees to change. Its’ been so dry that most of the leaves started drying out and falling off before the colors could change, but what color is out there is amazing.

  2. I spotted those RED BLUEberry bushes immediately. Oh I miss the Japanese maples! They aren’t exactly hardy up here. They are one of my faves for fall colors! What a gorgeous fall!

  3. You have a lot of beautiful colour in your back yard. Raking can be fun in the sunshine, but once it gets too cold I’m happy to leave it to others!

  4. Great photos, especially the one of Papa Murphy’s special! Our son brings over a Papa Murphy’s mediterranean chicken thin crust once a week, along with bread sticks and cookies. It’s the best pizza ever!!

  5. I love the fall colors, especially that red that you show us here..Beautiful. I don;t like the shorter days and it getting colder . I do like sweaters and cardigans.

    Have a nice day

  6. What a cute idea for a pizza! One of my favorite autumn things is flannel sheets on the bed!

    I really look forward to that each year. Ours don’t come out until Late November, but oh, snuggling down on a gray autumn day is one of the best things in the world.

    Thanks for sharing this lovely link for fall break!


  7. You captured gorgeous colors! I don’t really like raking leaves, so thankfully most leaves are in our back yard and can be raked into the woods behind our house. But we don’t have to do much of that. We use our lawn mower to clean up the leaves!
    cute pizza!

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