Eating Well…

…twice a day.

We’ve found some fun cafes and have also enjoyed meals in the spas we stayed overnight in. For us older folks it works well to limit ourselves to 2 meals while traveling. We’ve been splitting dishes, too. Fish tacos, granola crusted french toast, an omelette stuffed to the gills and covered with gravy (a real heart attack on a plate) We split that omelette, thank goodness. We also came across some fun food related scenes and eateries from our past that made us slam on the brakes to take a photo…

“Oh I’d love to be an Oscar Meyer Weiner, that is what I’d truly like to be…”

We’ve been having a nice relaxing time and that has inspired us to plan another getaway soon…

Tomorrow we head home. Can you believe it’s September already?!

About Ellen am a wife, mother, baba (grandmother) and a loyal friend. Jesus is my King and my hope is in my future with Him.

14 thoughts on “Eating Well…

  1. Or…Well, we are eating…again!
    Looks like fun, Ellen. My son’s college friend used to spend his summers driving the weiner truck!
    A get away sounds nice. It was a rough 5 days! But so many still suffering!

  2. YAY for vacations! All that food looks great. My hubby and I laugh about our “getting older” ways. We’re still in our early to mid 50’s and we already have noticed that a bigger lunch is preferred over a big meal in the evening. And then of course there is my “mowing hat”. OLD LADY!!!! It’s so good to grow older with one we love isn’t it? We had an old youth pastor who used to drive the Weinermobile. I’m always surprised it’s still around….I don’t recall the commercials as much anymore. Hey….it is time to flip the calendar. Wow…..we have been hitting the 100’s again. But they say some high’s of upper 70’s are coming Monday. So ready for cooler weather and Fall colors. Safe travels home!

  3. What a fun and tasty road trip you’ve had!
    I’m aching to follow suit but this is trade show month and outside of a wedding in the Okanagan this weekend, the only road trip will be one to Fort MacMurray and I’m the one elected to stay home to man the trenches while the guys are gone.

  4. WAIT! How can the Oscar Mayer vehicle be parked at a house. Doesn’t that park in the hot dog cave or something?

    Love your post, although I will admit it made me hungry! My husband and I eat like you do when we travel. Sometimes, though, we get something that I really, really don’t want to share!

  5. Oh I remember when the Weiner mobile came to our neighborhood when I was about five years old. All the kids got shrill weiner shaped whistles. I recall the neighborhood mothers banning the whistles being blown inside. Today those whistles would be considered a choking risk and would never be given to a child.

    So much for reckless whistle blowing now days!

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