Celtic Cross

It’s time for Jenny’s Alphabe-Thursday the letter C.


When we decided on the venue for Katie and Andrew’s wedding next January we started a quest to find a Celtic Cross that we could have in a prominent location during the ceremony. We were going to have the wedding in a church with the reception elsewhere but things could get real complicated because my daughter married a Marine. We might have to change the date at the last minute so we wanted an all inclusive venue to make that change easier. The venue we chose has a military change clause. Since the venue is not a church we wanted to bring in this symbol that is important to our faith. Now if you are a believer you know that Believers are the church so wherever they are together is the church but we still thought it would be cool to include a cross on the wedding stage. Katie and I stumbled upon this cross at a roadside garden art fly by night kind of place. We paid someone for the cross who wasn’t the owner so we hope the owner eventually gets our check. So far the check hasn’t been cashed. We thought it was a good deal at $35.00.

Curious to see your choices for the letter C!  Thank you Jenny for being a grand teacher of the Alphabet!

Thursday is Cinco de Mayo and I have a recipe for Carne Asada Marinade at Mennonite Girls Can Cook on Thursday. Click and cook and enjoy!

Photobucket replaced all my photos with blurred out versions and they are holding my photos hostage until I pay them lots of money. I’m slowly going through all my posts and trying to clean them up and replacing some photos. Such a bother.

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17 thoughts on “Celtic Cross

  1. I love that Celtic Cross and Katie and her Marine Can keep it wherever the Corps takes them. And yes, I know about Changes that the Corps might require in the timing of the Ceremony. We switched our daughter’s wedding date and venue three times.

  2. Oh!!! I love the interwoven designs of Celtic images! What a lovely cross! I have had a number of different Celtic crosses and image orders in the art that I do.
    Hope all the wedding plans go smoothly…I am sure it will be a beautiful wedding!

    Blessings & Aloha!

  3. Classy, church worthy, Celtic cross — cool!

    It really is a lovely cross, Ellen. Recently I have visited several very old cemeteries and found some beautiful, old stone crosses as monuments there. I think they are so much nicer than the trend for flat grave stones.

    How did I get on this — I should be talking about the wedding! I am quite sure that you and darling daughter are really having a blast preparing for a very special day!


  4. The cross is so pretty! A “military change clause”? Who’d a thought! My husband and I could have almost used that when we got married 20+ years ago. He’s Air Force and we got married at the start of the first Gulf War.

    Have fun with all the coming wedding planning!

  5. Hoorah for a venue that allows military flexibility!
    I’ve always been fond of Celtic crosses. Cool to find one you like for the event.

  6. I love this Celtic cross! It will look beautiful and be a special memento always.

    My daughter is getting married next spring so we have just begun to plan..so much to think of but so much joy in the process! Happy “C” day!

  7. The pansies are so heavenly…glorious! How wonderful you found the Celtic Cross. The symbolic designs are also found in quilts – so beautiful.
    Being married while in the military is quite an adventure, and one I would not have wanted to miss years ago. My husband-to-be was in advanced flight training, living in the barracks. The entire unit was told if the barracks did not pass inspection, there would be no weekend leaves…our wedding was scheduled for Saturday at the Base Chapel. Needless to say, the barracks were spic and span by Friday! But I held my breath until the last moment…
    Enjoy this time of planning with your daughter – you will treasure it always.

  8. What a beautiful cross. I hope it gets there in time.

    I’m intriqued with the “military change clause’. I’ve never heard of that before, but what wonderful piece of mind that must give you.

    Thanks for a fascinating link this week.

    And I really hope the cross gets there soon!


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