The Final 20 & My New Cabinet!

In which she cheats and puts things on the final 20 list that happened before they appeared on the list and she knows will happen in the near future!

#22 was… Buy a Welsh Sideboard. I’ve wanted one for years. This isn’t a Welsh Sideboard but it fulfills it’s purpose and fits in my space well. It’s an Indonesian solid wood piece and we are pleased with it’s function.

Now here are the final 20 of my list of 60 things to do in my 60th year!

41. Take a ride in a limousine with people she loves. Completed on my birthday March 14th with our sons, DIL, and Dear.

42. Treat people for her birthday. Bought drinks for all our season ticket neighbors at the opening game which was the day after my 60th birthday.

43. Find a purse that will accommodate my stuff plus my camera with a long enough strap to fit over my shoulder.

44. Meet bloggy friends in person that she has never met in person before.

45. Reorganize cabinets and purge some Chotskies.

46. Make those every so many year appointments you dread but need to do.

47. Write a Psalm to God.

48. Find a dress for our daughter’s wedding.

50. Learn to put the flagpole up and take it down.

51. Back up the files on my computer.

52. Create some photo books.

53. Mail a box of goodies to Katie’s Andrew while he is deployed.

54. Order a DVR

55. Get a new modem that might actually make her internet work well.

56. Send flowers to some unsuspecting person.

57. Detail my car.

58. Write poetic tribute of my history as seen on Debora’s blog.

59. Take a canoe ride on Lake Washington this summer with Dear. Him rowing, me taking photos.

60. Do a blog tribute to some of my favorite blog posts on other people’s blogs.

Coming up with 60 things was not an easy task. Maybe there will be some modifications along the way. It was a good exercise and I’ve already enjoyed the benefits of completing many of the 60.

Photobucket replaced all my photos with ugly black and grey boxes and they are holding my photos hostage until I pay them lots of money. I’m slowly going through all my posts and trying to clean them up and replacing some photos. Such a bother.


About Ellen am a wife, mother, baba (grandmother) and a loyal friend. Jesus is my King and my hope is in my future with Him.

11 thoughts on “The Final 20 & My New Cabinet!

  1. That is a beautiful cabinet….I love it! I also think the idea of writing a Psalm to God is wonderful. You have some fun things on your list.

  2. Those are all wonderful, challenging and mostly fun. It occured to me that all things we should do are not easy to do but. . .we’ll be happy when we do them.

    How many time do you expect to have to do #50. We usually take the item on it off during storms.
    I’d love to help you do #48. ..but I’m sure everyone else would too.

    Your “welsh” sideboard is wonderful.

    • Lovella,
      Since the flags do not have light shining on them we have to take the U.S. flag down at dusk and can put it back up at first light. We have military and boy scouts and cub scouts that adhere to the rules! :0)
      I think I’m going to lower the pole and take the flag off and not take the pole out…

  3. I enjoyed catching up with your birthday list…I already thought to myself…”Don’t be to hard on yourself.” There are some things you can easily cross off and you will never suffer.
    Enjoy this special year.

  4. OOOh! What a lovely sideboard! I love that it has those drawers for linens and silver. I like the end of your list. Some things are hard to do, but some will be done pretty quickly.
    Some advice on the poem about your heritage; It took me 3 months to do mine. There was so much I omitted. Make a list of all the memories that a really special to you. Let them simmer for a week or two. When you go back to it; pick the ones that you just can’t get out of your mind. And use the template on my link. Don’t have to stay with it 100%, but it will help you keep your focus…and your sanity. You’ll see what I mean when you get into it. It’s like making a patchwork quilt out of thoughts.

  5. Beautiful cabinet. I noticed it was Indonesian!
    I like your 60 things to do this year. It’s so good to think about the things we woulld like to do (or should do) and then do them… without planning… we will not do many of those things. .. and one day find out it’s too late.

  6. Ellen, that hutch is beautiful!! It looks so good with all your dishes and treasures on it.

    #51 is what I procrastinate in doing…. but I guess I need to before I lose my valuable pictures.

    And anyone who hasn’t tried Ellen’s stuff cabbage recipe, you have got to!! It’s a recipe I make when I want to impress my guests!

  7. I love the cabinet. It is gorgeous!
    Our parish used to have a Polish Night very year. I have made my share of holubtsi as the Ukrainians call them. So many names for the same thing!

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