FFF ~ Anticipation & Anniversary

Time to ponder the past week and choose 5 favorites that you’d like to share and then link up with the lovely Susanne at Living to Tell the Story so the rest of us can click over and see your favorites.

This has been an interesting week of anticipating things that are happening this weekend and next week. Dear and I are flying to San Jose on Saturday morning for a wedding in Mt. Hermon and flying right back on Sunday. Then next week I’m making a solo trip to Canada for a few days. I’ll tell you more about both of these events next Friday…

The favorite thing we did this week was to celebrate Josh and Laura’s 9th anniversary.


Dear barbecued a Pork Butt for a very long time at a low temperature and we served it with coleslaw, barbecued beans and potato buns. It was very tasty.

Here are 5 favorite things about Josh and Laura in no particular order…

1. They give up a week of summer vacation to direct a Junior High Camp at Lakeside Bible Camp and they do an awesome job!


2. They love to go to Sounder’s games together and they take me along…


3. They cherish their friends and cousins and spend time with them.


4. They love their brothers and sisters.


5. They honor their parents and grandparents.


I told Josh and Laura this week that it makes me smile just to say their names together. We are so thankful to God that he brought them together and has blessed their relationship.

What were your favorites this past week?

About Ellenhttps://happywonderer.com/I am a wife, mother, baba (grandmother) and a loyal friend. Jesus is my King and my hope is in my future with Him.

26 thoughts on “FFF ~ Anticipation & Anniversary

  1. Hau`oli Piha Makahiki! to Josh and Laura. What a happy couple and you should and I know you are very proud. 🙂 Great week my friend. Have a wonderful Friday 🙂

  2. They look like a great couple…and what a great way to serve the Lord by giving a week of their time to teens….awesome!! Have a blessed weekend…enjoy the upcoming trips!

  3. Someday I hope my DIL’s name will sound natural with my son’s name. The other day someone called her name and I thought “huh, another (my last name)”…before realizing it was my DIL being called!

    Oh brother!

    Best this week was seeing all the sunflowers blooming alongside the roads, having one night cool enough to pull up a blanket, and, um…I’ll get back to you on the rest.

  4. They sound so sweet, and you are the proud mom! 🙂 9 years together, what a wonderful start.

  5. Your love for Laura and pleasure in the fact that she is married to your son is awesome, Ellen! May Laura and Josh be blessed with many more years of happy wedded life!

  6. Beautiful Family photos Ellen!
    Beautiful anniversary celebration! Beautiful couple!!!
    Thanks for sharing.
    Now why do I think you might drop in at Island Sparrow’s on your tour of PEI…just a hunch but I may be way off. I think Kathie’s stunning photos could lure anyone over!:)
    Blessings on your weekend!
    P.S. Thanks for visiting Seasonal Hearth…I appreciate your comments:)

  7. What a loving tribute to your kids! It is such a blessing to see your child become one with another and then watch them grow closer together over the years.

    It has been apparent over the last year or so that I’ve been visiting you on Fridays that your family is a close-knit and loving one. You and your hubby have obviously done a great job in the parenting department.

    I always enjoye reading about your family’s closeness. God Bless!

  8. Barbecue pork, beans and potato buns everyone is writing about food just when I’m trying so hard. Gosh it sounds so good.

    This is so nice, and it is their 9th anniversary, happy anniversary to them I love the way you celebrated to us.

  9. what a blessing they are. happy Anniversary too them.
    I love that they have a heart for the junior high kids. We need more of them.
    thanks for sharing this.

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