FFF ~ Fast Forward Summer

Susanne at Living to Tell the Story is our hostess for Friday’s Fave Five. Think back over this last week and come up with 5 favorites. For us in the Pacific Northwest Summer arrived with a vengeance this week. We had cool rainy weather since the 1st day of summer and then after our outdoor barbecues to celebrate the 4th of July we finally got sunshine and record breaking heat. I for one am hoping we return to our mild nice sunshiny summer temps of 75-80 degrees soon. But I’m getting way too wordy so here’s my five…

1. Walking the trail with my sister Lana and seeing great flowers growing wild and spotting the first Blue Heron I’ve ever seen on the trail. I’ve been walking the trail for over 6 years! Saturday was Lana’s first time on the trail.

2. Putting out the Patio furniture. We put the furniture out on July 4th a few hours before our guests arrived.

3. Having our traditional 4th of July barbecue with friends and family.

4. My hydrangea blooming it’s color for me to enjoy from my kitchen window.

5. Soccer, soccer, soccer! I love my morning CUP of  World Cup Soccer. I’m going to miss it since the final is this Sunday. Sunday will be a full soccer day with watching World Cup and then heading to Qwest field for a Seattle Sounders game against FC Dallas at 7:30.

What were some of your favorite events or things from this last week?

Photobucket replaced all my photos with ugly black and grey boxes and they are holding my photos hostage until I pay them lots of money. I’m slowly going through all my posts and trying to clean them up and replacing some photos. Such a bother.

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17 thoughts on “FFF ~ Fast Forward Summer

  1. Well two of my favorite things are herons and hydrangeas, although I haven’t seen any in real life lately. I’m so pleased that you shared yours with us☺

  2. I love blue herons. They are such interesting birds. I haven’t watched a single bit of World Cup (shhh—don’t tell the world; I may be the only one. ha). One of my favorite things this week was getting to spend time with a close friend all day Saturday.

  3. What a lovely week! I love that giant American flag.

    You sound like me – putting out your patio furniture hours before guests. Unfortunately, I’m a last minute person when it comes to entertaining — I never allow enough time to get it all done …

    Hydrangeas are my favorite!

  4. Great fav’s! We have watched soccer as well and have had some excitement here because of it! Because my hubby is dutch we are rooting for Holland, but may the best team win:)
    Your heron photo is just stunning…great capture!(love the reflection)
    You have a lovely and relaxing patio area…my kind of setting!
    My hydranga is blooming for the 2nd time around…aren’t they so faithful?
    Thanks for the peek,

  5. I have been loving the World Cup as well but have not been able to see as much of it as I need (want) at this conference. I’m with you, I’ll be so sorry when its done on Sunday 😦 Then we wait another 4 years. . . .

  6. Loved your favorite fives…It’s always fun to find something simple to celebrate within the week. Even as simple as a walk with a good friend.
    Who are you cheering for?

    • There’s something in me that wants to cheer for Spain but truthfully I’m for whoever plays the best that day…that’s the way of tournaments, a sad reality. Sometimes the team with the best record doesn’t win. I had to accept that when my boys played. You never know what’s going to happen in a tournament!!

  7. lol…yes, NYS is New York State. We live in a suburb about 7 miles north of downtown Albany (the capital) and about 20 min south of Saratoga Springs….just an hour from the Adirondacks!
    I saw a blue heron this past week as well….from my kayak while visiting our family beach house on Cape Cod….my girls love trying to get close to Mr Heron but alas…he usually makes a splash into the water…away from us….if we get too close….Enjoyed your fave fives…have a great weekend

  8. I took some great pictures of a blue heron recently. I love just “happening upon” wildlife and being able to get the shot. Can’t say that I’ve watched any of the soccer. Of course we don’t have TV! I’m a football fan myself. Glad you had an enjoyable week!

  9. The picture of the heron is amazing. It’s like he posed for you!

    We’re watching the soccer final today too. I think I’ll even make it a pizza party just to make it extra fun. :v)

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