FFF ~ What’s Normal?

It’s Friday and time to consider the week gone by and highlight my favorite things. Please visit our gracious hostess Susanne at Living to Tell the Story to join in.

I’m beginning to wonder if life will ever be normal around here. What is normal? Maybe the word I’m looking for is routine. Other then Dear going to work Monday through Friday nothing is routine here yet. Seems like each week there is some major event that is different then the last weeks major event. Hmmm…maybe this is my new routine.


But onward and upward to my favorites.

1. Being done done done with our garage sale is definitely one of my favorites. Sighs with relief. I’ve enjoyed having cash in my wallet from the sale and paying for stuff with it instead of pulling out a card.

2. Enjoying time and food with loved ones on Memorial Day was good. The sun even broke through the clouds and Dear was able to barbecue on the deck!

3. In my yard…. Seeing my first ever Peony almost opening up. I really should plant more and if I don’t kill this one off I will. See that nutty duck on our barn/shop roof. He really keeps us entertained around here, too. And no Mr. and Mrs. Duck did not listen to me and they are still leaving squishy deposits on my deck!!

4. Yesterday was another dry day here in Western Washington so I stopped at the Bellevue Botanical Gardens and saw some pretty plants blooming. I really enjoy Dogwoods. That very round purple bloom caught my eye but I was too focused on photographing that I didn’t think to ask what the name of it is. Duh!


5. My last favorite this week is my new view from my computer desk. When we re-decorated our spare room the desk had to go up against this window so I now have this view instead of a view of the wall. I really like it. One of the nicest things about it is that birds come to visit this plant throughout the day and I’ve even had a hummingbird come late each afternoon for a visit. So far it’s been too quick for me to catch a photo. Yesterday I took the screen off the window and washed it inside and out so my view would be nicer. I only fell off the ladder once while washing the outside of the window. Tip: Do not put one of the ladder legs on top of a sink hole!!

So what has your week been like? Are things routine where you live or is life crazy?

Photobucket replaced all my photos with ugly black and grey boxes and they are holding my photos hostage until I pay them lots of money. I’m slowly going through all my posts and trying to clean them up and replacing some photos. Such a bother.

About Ellenhttps://happywonderer.com/I am a wife, mother, baba (grandmother) and a loyal friend. Jesus is my King and my hope is in my future with Him.

18 thoughts on “FFF ~ What’s Normal?

  1. I believe the purple ball flower is an Allium….if it’s on a tall stalk of a stem. I recently posted one on my site that was almost 7 inches wide….they can be huge. A bulb that you plant in the fall but they usually bloom after tulips…at least around here. The duck on the roof looks so funny. I don’t wash my windows much anymore….my excuse…we have silly birds striking the windows all the time…so they must be too clean. :o) Just trying to help the birds out.

  2. you fell off a ladder? hope you didn’t get hurt!
    i am glad for you, that your garage sale is done, and you can start to settle and enjoy life….well i think you have always enjoyed life, it is just nice to be a little less busy i am sure….have a wonderful weekend.

  3. May your life be a happy routine soon! I love the duck on your roof…looks like he is sliding down the slope!

    A computer with a window view is the best! I just moved my hummingbird feeder into my ‘computer view’…and now I’m waiting for them to find it.

  4. Love your photo collage depicting a week of activities! So sorry you fell off the ladder – I presume that you didn’t hurt yourself seriously, maybe just your dignity bruised a bit! – I, too, thought the purple plant to be Allium – from the onion family! – Love the gnarled dogwood trees as well! Beautiful post!

  5. All my life, I just wanted to be normal … never have achieved it yet, and I am beginning to think normal does not exist!

    I am jealous, I want a peony bush!

    That duck cracks me up!

  6. Yes, an allium — probably aflatunense. I love the elegance of dogwoods and you’ve captured that beautifully. Hurray for a completed garage sale! And cash in pockets 🙂

  7. Routine my dear sweet friend gets boring actually. I don’t think you would be able to operate that way LOL ACK—you feel off a ladder? I hope all is okay. Must be because you didn’t elaborate on that but I think you gave some great advice as to where NOT to put it LOL 🙂 Love the view and have a great weekend. Non-routine of course. 🙂 I’ll be leaving for Seattle next Thursday night getting in Friday morning 🙂

  8. life is crazy because it is New York State Music Majors Association weekend…which means my 5th grader is doing a solo for competition in violin. My oldest daughter has her junior prom tomorrow nite and we are hosting a post prom party here from midnite til 3 am. AND Sunday is church, then a party for my niece who is turning 2….and the teen has yet another post prom party plus youth group……don’t think she’ll make the youth group mtg as by then she is gonna be one tired gal! 🙂
    Loved your pics……have a great weekend

  9. Falling off a ladder like that leaves an impression! 🙂 You had a busy week….with good food and family. Your duck is hilarious..they are messy things!! The flowers are very pretty!

  10. So glad you did not get hurt falling off the ladder!

    How nice to have a BBQ on Memorial Day, we had one over the weekend as well, first of the season. So nice.

  11. You know my week is up and down and crazy…but guess what? I love your window view…I renovated my computer room a few years ago…it was the guest room…but now I have the best view in the house…mountains and grasslands…

  12. Life is crazy but wonderful where I am right now. Family is all in for graduation…great milestones.

    That purple bloom is SO pretty!

    And the view from your computer desk — wow. That’s downright inspiring!

  13. Hope you didn’t hurt yourself falling off that ladder. That’s my excuse for not doing windows. I don’t want that to happen. :v)

    Your duck cracked me right up. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a duck on a roof before. So funny.

    Peonies are one of my favorite flowers. So beautiful when they bloom.

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