FFF ~ A Few Of My Favorite Things…

A time to reflect on the past week and consider your favorites. Please visit Susanne at Living to Tell the Story who is our hostess for Friday’s Fave Five.


1. We had a family taco night last Friday to celebrate my nephew Caleb visiting from California.

2. On Sunday before church Dear painted our guest room. He gets up real early. Then after church we re-decorated the room and we are thoroughly enjoying it! This is also the room where my computer lives most of the time. One of the great things about the changes in the room is the fact that the desk with my computer on it faces a window now and I get to see birds on the bushes outside the window.

3. These Irises have made me smile all week and they only cost $3.99.


4. Seeing the first ducklings of the season in our neighborhood. This mama duck and her little ones were crossing the street.


5. Last but not least, being a part of the Mennonite Girls Can Cook Blog. I’m enjoying getting to know my Canadian friends more and more. Head over to the blog on Friday and see the ingredients I put together for my Mexican Rice Bowl…

Photobucket replaced all my photos with ugly black and grey boxes and they are holding my photos hostage until I pay them lots of money. I’m slowly going through all my posts and trying to clean them up and replacing some photos. Such a bother.

About Ellenhttps://happywonderer.com/I am a wife, mother, baba (grandmother) and a loyal friend. Jesus is my King and my hope is in my future with Him.

22 thoughts on “FFF ~ A Few Of My Favorite Things…

  1. That salad looks so yummy…heading over to find the recipe…so glad you ladies do that blog…gives me ideas all the time.

  2. Happy FFF to you, Ellen! I really do like that guest room. It’s so very cheery and happy.

    Have a great weekend! Will you be getting a walk in?

  3. I love family meals together, and tacos are a favorite.

    Those irises are gorgeous!

    The duck family is so cute.

    Your guest room looks nice. I like having the computer desk face a window, too.

  4. Ellen, what gorgeous Irises! And only $3.99? I’ve got to look for me some!

    I adore the colors in your guest room. And so nice that your Dear got up early and painted! At my house, my dh likes to do things in the dead of night … Once at 3 in the morning, I got up and found him moving out the china cabinet to mop beneath it!

    I’m definitely heading over to the MGCC blog to find your recipe!

  5. Love the irises….so pretty and spring looking. And your guest bedroom looks gorgeous, the colors are great!!! Wish I had a hubby who would paint, I am the painter around here. 🙂 Can he come and paint for me!! ha ha A family taco night is always a great thing! 🙂

  6. Love the mama duck and her little ones.. and your irises are beautiful. Your guest room looks great ! My computer is in my guest room too… and is beside a large window that allows me to look out and enjoy the birds and squirrels and trees…

  7. Mmm. I printed the recipe for your Burrito Bowl. I think it will make a great lunch for our guests at the lodge.

    Your guest room is such a cheerful place to work! Nice idea for putting it to use on a daily basis. I’ve considered doing the same with our guest room, but have yet to get around to doing it. You’ve inspired me, Ellen!

  8. That salad looks like a treat! Your guestroom/computer room looks awesome, I love the colorsheme and I bet the irisses looked great in there. It’s nice to be able to look outside and see birds and bushes. I know, because I can do the same! Have a wonderful weekend!

  9. I love the color of your walls! So pretty with the blue and also with the purple Iris. I have that type in my yard but they are not quite blooming yet.
    Our neighbor has ducks. they are so cute.

  10. What a beautiful guest room. I love the colors. And the Mennonite Girls Can Cook blog is lots of fun, isn’t it? I’ll have to check out that recipe. It sure looks delicious from your post.

  11. thanks for the heads up on my linky. . . one of those days:)

    I love the green of that room!!! with the blue bedspread. . .so pretty!


  12. Wow…eye popping beauty in every picture!! The new paint is incredible and fits so well with the blue!! You won’t have a glare on your computer screen since it is facing the window. Pretty blue plates on the wall, too! The Irises are something else…one of my favorite flowers! They will take center stage in an upcoming wedding I’m working on.
    And, I’m headed over to check out the recipe. Have a good weekend!!

  13. Looks like you all had a lot of fun at the family taco night. Is that a picture of you at the top?

    I love the room make over too, love the green color.

  14. love your faves this week!
    Beautiful colors in that room!!
    And those ducklings….my classroom ducklings should be hatching on Tuesday or Wednesday….we currently have 4 out of 8 baby chicks….3 didn’t hatch and one only lived 24 hours……hoping all 9 ducklings make it!
    great pics..thanks for sharing

  15. Hi Ellen,

    Looks like you had a great family night – I’m planning one for Monday which is a holiday up here – Victoria Day.

    Love your new look in the guest room – gorgeous irises too. And I especially like that little birdnest candle holder.

    MGCC is one of my favourite spots to visit too – even to look at the pictures is fun!

    Happy weekend!

  16. So many things to ooooo and awwww over. I always love seeing the happy faces gathered around your table. The bedroom make-over is brilliant! Love the color and the fact that your computer is next to the window (mine is too).

    Iris. Love ’em. Mine are close to setting buds. There is something so elegant about the iris.

    Happy Day!

  17. I forgot to mention that delicious, gorgeous plate of Mexican Rice Bowl. I am so making that for Hubs and me tonight. Just us two.


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