FFF ~ All Things Beautiful…

Time to think about the last week and come up with 5 favorites! Visit Susanne at Living to Tell the Story to join in.

1. Mother’s Day was a wonderful day from the food to the weather to having most of my kids around for some part of the day.


2. Buying new plants and planting them in the ground or in pots was an accomplishment I feel good about. I’m not a great gardener but I love pretty plants around to enjoy. For years I’ve been wanting a Dogwood and this week I splurged and bought a Cherokee Chief Dogwood. Dear planted it on thursday and I can see it from my kitchen window and from our deck!! Update: The flower in the center of the collage is a Columbine!

3. Old established plants that are blooming in the yard. Boy I love this time of year when everything seems to burst with color.



4. A quick stop at the Japanese Gardens in Seattle to see if the Wisteria was in full bloom. Ahh, yes beautiful!


5. New visitors to my bird feeder. Oops that isn’t a bird!

Hope your weeks are going well. Have a great weekend everyone…

Photobucket replaced all my photos with ugly black and grey boxes and they are holding my photos hostage until I pay them lots of money. I’m slowly going through all my posts and trying to clean them up and replacing some photos. Such a bother.

About Ellenhttps://happywonderer.com/I am a wife, mother, baba (grandmother) and a loyal friend. Jesus is my King and my hope is in my future with Him.

26 thoughts on “FFF ~ All Things Beautiful…

  1. Just enjoyed my visit catching up on all your posts! Beautiful, beautiful photos that are a joy to my beauty starved soul. Nothing is blooming around here yet, lol!!

  2. Your garden is beautiful! Love those rhodies. They just keep blooming beautifully every year.

    Have a great weekend!

  3. Is that an orchid in the first picture center? It’s one of the most beautiful flowers I have ever seen. I love this post. So colorful and just blooms spring. Excellent my friend. Have a great weekend 🙂

  4. I have a small dogwood tree too! They are really only minimally hardy for this region and I might not have been brave enough to plant one myself but I sure am glad that a previous owner of the cottage did!

  5. A wonderful time of year! I can see that the PNW is experiencing early April in Sacramento. What I mean is that all those lovely blooms have past here. My very favorites are Lilac, Dogwood and Peony…! I know that Dogwood will bring you much joy out your kitchen window!

    My internet has not worked all week. I’m on Bill’s computer but my shoulder hates using his so I’ve been MIA.

  6. LOL. I had to chuckle at your strange looking “bird”.

    I love columbines. I wish they would last through out the summer, though. I can hardly wait to fill my containers. Not for at least a couple of weeks though.

  7. This is a wonderfully colorful time of year.

    Hmmm….that looks like the same squirrel I see jumping from the avocado tree to the eucalyptus tree next door every morning…and teasing the outdoor cats.

  8. HA! =D I LOVE the picture of the squirrel on the bird feeder! That’s hilarious.

    You have a wonderful and colorful yard!

    I also love the pic from the Japanese Gardens. I haven’t been to one yet but would love to.

    Hope you have a great weekend!

  9. The columbine is beautiful!

    I grew up in Indiana and we had about three dogwood trees in our 1/2 acre front yard. It was beautiful. I miss pink dogwoods!

    Glad to hear you had a great Mother’s Day.

    Happy weekend!

  10. You know… we HAVE squirrel feeders in our yard — and they STILL prefer the bird feeders! LOL!

    I LOVE your dogwood tree! We have white flowering one that grow natural in our woods, but I’ve always wanted a pink or red one — I’ve tried twice and they both died… makes me hesitant to try a 3rd time! I hope you have GREAT success with yours! They are sooooooo pretty!

  11. Gorgeous pictures, Ellen! I love when flowers bloom!

    I love dogwood trees – especially the pink ones.

    Glad you got to connect with all your kids on Mother’s Day. That’s what makes it special!

  12. Wow, the pleasures of Spring. I am so glad that you got yourself that Cherokee Dogwood…That will always be a special reminder of your friends north of the border.

  13. Glad you got to have most of your kids around on Mother’s Day. It’s a blessing. I love all your purple flowers, although it’s making me feel guilty that I have yet to plant the first thing this year. Must do that soon! The squirrel made me smile. 🙂

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