Update On My Pop ~

I just got off the phone with my Pop and he sounds good, tired but good. Anyone who has ever been in the hospital knows it’s not a great place to rest! They did an ultrasound and are waiting on doing a stress test. Some of the tests have come back negative.

So here’s what my Pop said to me on the phone. “You know Lyenah last night when I was awake I was thinking, I’m so thankful, so thankful for all these years and God never let us down. For whatever God did…all His blessings and guiding, for all my children, I’m so thankful. I cannot complain. I love you Lyenah. I love all of you. When God calls me home I’ll say Ok…”

Thank you so much for all your kind words of support and your prayers and well wishes. I appreciate them all. He’ll probably have to stay in the hospital one more night, at least. I guess he has a roommate who yells obsenites when he’s in pain and that’s not a great formula for relaxation for my Pop so I’ll be praying the roommates pain is managed better…

Just got this update from my niece Debbee after she visited my Pop this morning…

Hey everyone~
Just got back from visiting with Deda, he was feeling pretty good this morning, chipper and rested. He was able to sleep a lot last night, fell asleep during Jeopardy:), then woke up at 1, then slept again til 5 then 7. He was very thankful for the restful night of sleep and no profanity from the guy next to him.  He said that his chest still feels a little heavy, but that it did feel better today:).   He is still scheduled for the stress test this afternoon and hopefully can go home this evening. But if not, according to him, ” Que sera sera.”  (I have no idea how to spell that) it was hard to hold in the laughter hearing those words come out of his mouth.
So, there is my update of the morning. Hope everyone is doing well. Love you all.  Ok, back to work, 1st period will be starting soon.
Love always,

Debbee is a high school math teacher. I’m adding these updates because I want to document this history :0). Glad God answered our prayers for more rest for my Pop and for his roommate having less pain and profanity …

Update 3/24/10 in the evening. My father is being released tonight from the hospital. Nothing in the tests show the need for him to be at the hospital any further. This afternoon my mother fell at the hospital and hit her head and ended up being propped up in my father’s hospital room with an icepack on her head. Oye! We are trying to convince my mother she needs to use a cane because of some hip issues that throw her gait way off. They’ll be happy to be home to take care of each other…

About Ellenhttps://happywonderer.com/I am a wife, mother, baba (grandmother) and a loyal friend. Jesus is my King and my hope is in my future with Him.

14 thoughts on “Update On My Pop ~

  1. I’m so grateful to hear this update. We shed tears last night through prayer and have continued…and will continue to pray. What an incredible man your Pop and our Deda is! Love you Mom B.

  2. I can just hear your dad sayiang that. He’s been such a wonderful support for others that are suffering…..now he needs our support. I’m praying for your dad, and mom.

  3. Ellen, I’m glad your father is feeling better…. He sounds like a wonderful father.
    May the ‘noisy’ roomate be moved from his room – but I’m sure your father prayed for him.. maybe something no one else ever did !

  4. Such a sweet photo of your parents. I love your father’s words..he is a special man! Glad to hear he is feeling better.

  5. I love this pic of your parents : ) So sweet what he said…sounds like the Deda I remember! Praying for his swift recovery. Love you xoxo

  6. Those are such encouraging words from a father to a daughter.
    To know that he loves you and isn’t afraid to say it, that is such a blessing.
    To love the Lord as much as he does……there is not greater legacy to leave than than….
    Good to know that he is doing better

  7. You are blessed to have such a father, and mother. I know you already know that…I’m glad you are keeping us updated and we know how to pray.

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